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Expertise in : Astrology

Language : English, Hindi

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Placed in : Karnal, Haryana, India

My speciality in profession, Marriage and children astrology

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The ancient extant text on Jyotisha is the Vedanga-Jyotisha, which exists in two editions, one linked to Rigveda and other to Yajurveda. The Rigveda version consists of 36 verses, while the Yajurveda recension has 43 verses of which 29 verses are borrowed from the Rigveda. The Rigveda version is variously attributed to sage Lagadha, and sometimes to sage Shuci.The Yajurveda version credits no particular sage, has survived into the modern era with a commentary of Somakara, and is the more studied version.nThe Jyotisha text Brahma-siddhanta, probably composed in the 5th century CE, discusses how to use the movement of planets, sun and moon to keep time and calendar. This text also lists trigonometry and mathematical formulae to support its theory of orbits, predict planetary positions and calculate relative mean positions of celestial nodes and apsides. The text is notable for presenting very large integers, such as 4.32 billion years as the lifetime of the current universe.nThe ancient Hindu texts on Jyotisha only discuss time keeping, and never mention astrology or prophecy.