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Small astrological solution for big problems.,expert astrologer in india, India is famous for its Vedic Astrology treatise and Astrologer HE is one of the best and genuine astrologer for Indian Astrology Consultancy in India. Very established in India, Astrologer SANDEEP has taken the first steps towards Online Astrology Services for the convenience of the people living in India or in countries like US, UK, Canada etc. where genuine services of Indian Astrology are not available. So people sitting in any corner of the world need not come to INDIA but they just contact us and they get the online astrology solutions according to their Horoscope at tips. Astrologer follows Indian Vedic astrology principles for preparing online astrological readings and horoscopes. The Indian Astrology or jyotish system is the most ancient and most accurate. For Online Vedic predictions, Your birth details are required. Astrologer is a world famous astrologer and Vedic astrology Consultant using his immense knowledge of Astrology to solve the problems in people’s life. HE would Answering all your Questions regarding any prospects of the Horoscope. Just contact us and complete a little Procedure and then Astrologer will talk to you directly and tell you about your Horoscope and The Astrological Solutions if needed.

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A professional astrology reading looks at ALL of the components of your personal birth chart. Like your unique fingerprint the natal chart is a snapshot of the sky at the exact time and location where you were born. It looks at the sun sign as well as the moon and the eight other planets. A real astrology reading gives you a deeper sense of yourself and your motivations, drives, and desires. Way more than a generic sun sign horoscope. Feed your soul.nThe twelfth house in astrology is our last and final house. Here again there are slight differences between the traditional and modern meanings for this house. While both point to a place where one finds himself alone and secluded, traditional descriptions tend to be much more austere and troublesome than modern definitions.nThe 12th house is a cadent house and viewed as unlucky. It’s probably the most unfortunate house in the horoscope. Planets placed in the 12th house have little power to act; and they may act against the native. While modern astrology may try to lighten up its meaning by attributing spirituality, monasteries, and meditation to this house those things are better suited to the 9th house – the house of god.nThe 12th house in astrology represents matters that are secret or hidden. It represents secret enemies and people who conspire against us. Hospitals, prisons, and institutions where one’s identity (and ego) become irrelevant belong to the 12th house. Sorrow, affliction, and our “self-undoing” are also attributed to this house.

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lalita jainSep 11, 2017

about my personal life

For horoscope service, I consulted him and charges was at nominal value when compared to others. he explained the horoscope in a very detailed manner and gave suggestion to rise in life.he also told some remedy so that no issues arise in future. i am very happy with his service

nishant shandiliyaSep 11, 2017

vastu for my new home

taken a Vastu Consultant service from guruji ..they provided me a good service.the charge is very low as per his service.,I am totally satisfied and really happy with this service..

sanjay shahSep 11, 2017

thanks for giving best prediction

Well found the details on internet, consulted Panditji , discussed with open heart ,felt satisfied,now await changes results in coming months.\nThanks

usha srivastavAug 26, 2017

good service

Sandeep ji is a person who would give an honest feedback, without any false promises...the remedies provided by him are simple and very practical...his calculations are quiet precise.. Thank u Sandeep ji

dilip bajajAug 26, 2017

vastu expert

i was builting my home i was not able to make decision that which direction what should come i was really confused but help from i got sandeep ji he helped me with some remedies and ask me to do some puja....i m 1005 sure he is best astrologer as he is having very much knowldge in vastu

Amit gargFeb 07, 2017

Best wishes

I feel he is genuine interest in life to guide you through astrology. I recently talk with him. I suggest everyone to get counselling service here