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Depression in astrological aspect


Vaswati Baksiddha 06th May 2017

 Depression in astrological aspect 


First of all, we have to know what is depression. Depression is a state of mind for that people don't feel mental peace, thinks negative, losing all hopes for survival. Sometimes people have depression with out any reason, despite having all the things in life they are not just happy. Generally depression starts from frequently failure in love or career, lack of confidence and continuously misunderstanding with family.


Now I will say what r the reasons  behind depression in  astrological view . 

Depression is mainly caused by weak moon. Moon controls over our mind or emotions. So when the moon is debilitated, placed in evil house or afflicted by evil planets in our chart depression creates. 

There are combination of moon wth other planets( evil or enemies) which cause mental stress.

Go in depth in planetry combination will be monotonous to my friends. So I will provide here some remedies of depression. 

U must do the following tips to improve the condition of moon in ur horoscope. 



wear real pearl is a superb remedy to build ur determination, keeps ur mind peaceful & strong.  Wear a pearl ring or locket binding with silver. Whatever you wear just try to touch the skin of your body.


2. According to Hinduism Lord Shiva is considered to be associated with the planet moon. So to pleased the malefic moon  recite "OM NAMAH SHIVA " 108 times a day to bring wonderful result.


3. U may wear a pure silver ornaments like ring or bracelet without joint in ur right hand.


4. Drink plenty of water bcs moon  is an watery planet according to Hindu traditional astrology. Paradoxically a people with weak moon find it extremely difficult to drink lots of water .


5. Start meditation & Pranayam on regular basis. 


Following the above remedies you can start feeling a change within you a few days. 

Best of luck