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Astro Chitra Gabhe

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Astro Chitra Gabhe

Expertise in:

Vedic Astrology


English, Hindi, Marathi

About me:

hey there I am experienced vedic astrologer serving in the field of astrology from Past many years and I have been living astrology every moment with realisation and quest to attain the infinite satisfaction and which is only possible by providing consultancy to the people who are in dilemma or who are curious to know certain important facts and phases of their lives , my expertise and knowledge in astrology indulges me to continue with enthusiasm I am passionately serving people with satisfactory astro services from Past many years just for betterment of the people with my holistic approach towards astrology, From my childhood only I was very optimistic about astrology, because since Small age I have seen My grand father and father reading Vedas, Upanishads and many mythological books that manifested me to explore and know the things related to nakshatras, planets and horoscopes that's what helped me till date and brought me to this wonderful platform of future study online, in brief if I introduce my desire towards astrology i would mention that I live astrology every day, every hour and every minute. astrology is not only a mystical science but also a weapon given by God to only and only astrologers to acknowledge and comprehend the Almighty's will in the form of prediction and analysis


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Rahul kumarJul 28, 2020


Nice prediction

richashree VenkateshJul 22, 2020


Amazing service

Rakesh periwalJul 22, 2020



Rakesh periwalJul 22, 2020


very good