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Astro Shaliini Malhotra

Astro Shaliini Malhotra (Call charges included)

Expertise in : Astrology, Meditation, Nadi Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Reki Healing, Vastu

Language : English, Hindi, Punjabi

Preferred Days are : Monday to Friday

Timing (IST) : 04Pm -8pm

Placed in : Delhi, India

She has good experience in practicing Astrology, Meditation, Nadi Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Reki Healing and Vastuand and have provided guidance and solutions to thousands of people for Relationship, Finance, Health, Career, Education related issues, She never manipulate astrological facts for giving false commitments and predictions and provide modern guidance and remedies combining traditional and modern scientific techniques in astrology. She don’t believe in installing any kind of fear, but just wish to help people with her knowledge. she has clients from India and Abroad. If you believe in astrology and the great insights this ancient divination technique can provide you, I am more than happy to help you and help numerous people achieve their dreams and realize their true potential .

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20 /Min

500 1100

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Astrologer SHALIINI MALHOTRA from Delhi, a B.Com graduate from Delhi University awarded first class dipolma in Jyotish Praveen, jyotish Visharad from ICAS and got mastery in KP ( Krishana murthi padadti) and various occult sciences in HOROSCOPE READING,VEDIC ASTROLOGY ,VASTU, KP ASTROLOGY, MUDANE ASTROLOGY, MEDICAL ASTROLOGY, MUHURUT HORARY ASTROLOGY, REMEDIAL ASTROLOGY, ASHTAKVARGA, JAIMINI ASTROLOGY, FENGSHUI, GEMS, PALMISTRY, TAROT CARD READING, NUMEROLOGY, REIKI HEALING, REMEDIES OF ALL KINDS, RELATIONSHIP COUNSELLER AND PRACTICING SAHAJAYOGA MEDITATION FOR YEARS. TEACHING AND COUSELLING BOTH nSPECIAL Astro divine reiki classes and treatment. n After having expertise in all above occult sciences, I started astrology as my profession. To serve mankind by providing professional Astrological guidance and education so that individuals can effectively manage and overcome challenging situations. My spiritual journey began in the early years of my childhood. I have spent lots of time in thorough study and research work. Now trying to research on past life. I have gone through uncountable horoscopes on various aspects of life such as Business, education, health, partnership, match making, progeny, career, marriage related problems and many other problems to national and international clients. I give practical and simple remedies or solutions which are required for new change. My dedicated service is not in India but out of India also. Being a part of Sahajayoga, my emphasis is on MEDITATION through which a person have internal satisfaction and peace.I have been part of many astrological camps as well seminars.

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uma sankarAug 30, 2017

thank u for help

my daughter was suffering from black magic a mosquito was following him every time night times we couldn\'t sleep well we were tortured like slaves by that mosquito .same things was predicted by guruji he said who as done everything I was shocked to listen it was done my second step mother I was speechless listening to that but it was true I heard from my family friends.\n\nAfter that I begged him to solve my problems I just followed his remedies as of my family are happy my daughter is fine just everything happened within 15 days of span of time .

mohit guptaAug 30, 2017


you are a very genuine and a wonderful person I have ever met.Really I was impressed by this people futurestudyonline.com the way they handle the clients....thank you evryone

rohit kumarAug 30, 2017

nice and experienced

Her every words are motivating. she shows me the path to light, positive and hope. I felt very relaxed and relieved of my negativity after I left her chamber and I had a blind believe she can do best for me with her knowledge and power, thank u shalini ji

monika guptaAug 30, 2017

good astrologer

Her consultation related to career and education of my son was very effective and my son scored very good marks in examination after wearing solutions given for increasing concentration in study and we are really grateful to this site and kind services for us. Thank you

sanju goyalJun 14, 2017

best astrologer

I am fully satisfy with her