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Seema Gupta

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Seema Gupta

Expertise in:

Counselling Therapist, Nadi Astrology, Numerology, Prashna kundli expert, Vedic Astrology


English, Hindi

About me:

Seema Guptaa started practicing astrology at a very early age. She finds interests in spiritual things. She has the curiousity to know why, when and how it happened ; she wants to know everything. Seema Guptaa started learning astrology on her own and started giving her prediction. Then she learnt *KP Astrology* from her Guru Ji and then she slowly and gradually, her prediction started becoming true. Till date all her predictions have been true. Seema Gupta also practices Vastu, Numerology, Healing and gives accurate prediction and remedies. She has the hunger to study and do something for the society. She is expert in various method of Astrology . She is studying *Naturopathy* right now. Studying and reading spiritual books, Ayurved, Yoga, is what attracts her the most and her life is surrounded by these things. Books are her best friend and she gets answers of all her questions from them. Major celebrities and actors are her clients.


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ananya nJul 21, 2020



santanu kumar padhyJul 11, 2020


nice astrologer

Sheetal pJul 08, 2020



prashant .Jun 25, 2020


Experience is very good. Predictions were perfect

Arun RathiJun 08, 2020


Very good experience and I am happy.

punit guptaJun 07, 2020


Very good experience in jyotish and pretty good prediction

Rahul NimjeFeb 14, 2020


Nice Astrologer. 👍

Sanjay GoyalApr 28, 2018

Best astrologer

Very good explaining, happy with your astrology