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Dr Shreeprakash Sharma

Dr Shreeprakash Sharma (Call charges included)

Expertise in : Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Vastu

Language : English, Hindi

Preferred Days are : Mon - Sat

Timing (IST) : 9 am to 1 pm, 3 pm to 7 pm

Placed in : Patna, Bihar, India

Astrology is based on the accuracy of timing. Any incident takes place at a particular time , whether it is birth or death or journey or opening of shops etc. The position of planets in the sky at that particular time effects the incidents. An Astrologer after calculating the effect(good or bad) convey the same to a person. Being an astrologer I can assure you that when can you go ahead with your aim to achieve the goals with best possibilities. My thesis (PhD) was on the same subject. I can read your horoscope with more accuracy than other astrologer (you can make a record of it, and verify the result accordingly). I can give you the best time (MUHOORTAS) to start your business, house construction (shila pujanam), opening of shops , applications for exams, weddings, birth of child and so on. A horoscope with full details for life long with the perfect periods of incidents. I can tell your future with the help of palmistry with accuracy. VAASTU SHASTRA is my favorite subject too. Vivah Melapaka and Perfect NAVMANSHA, which is one of the most important thing for happy life will be told to you. BEEJ MANTRAS according to VEDAS to achieve the goals and GRAHA SHANTI PUJANAM is also my expertise. Apart from the above I can answer your question(only one )with the help of my ISHTA DEVTA in less than a minute(whether you should do the things or not). I neither believe in nor make FAKE announcement. JAI SHREERAM

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EXAMINE AND SEE\nThere are some rules of astrology which are questioned oftenly. As an astrologer , i am challenging you all to examine the rules mentioned below and tell me about it.\n1. KUJ DOSHA / MANGLIK DOSHA:- In a horoscope when 1st, 4th,7th,8th and 12th house is occupied by the planet Mars, it is called KUJ DOSHA or MANGLIK DOSHA. It doesn\'t matter which Ascendent is determined after calculating date and time.Whenever you see the position of Mars in above mentioned house you can assure yourself that this horoscope have KUJ or MANGLIK DOSHA. And his family life will be disturbed. It doesn\'t mean that the life partner will not survived. But due to this DOSHA he will face very tough time with his or her life partner. Mars is one of the most paapi or cruel planet. It deals three things Happiness, Married life and sorrow ( like death ) . The person effected by KUJ DOSHA will be short tempered nature or you can say angry man . He has no control over his anger. Sometimes he blast over his /her colleagues for very ordinary reasons. He will be a daring person. Mars is \" COMMANDER IN CHEIF \" of the Armed forces of DEVTAS. He has no fear. He is always ready to fight with his enemy. But he always loose his passion when he challenged or even cross examined too. These are some drawbacks which is not good for happy married life. A person who is effect by KUJ DOSHA or MANGLIK DOSHA must marry with a girl or boy who have the KUJ DOSHA or MANGLIK DOSHA. Be an iron is always cut by iron. The only one other method or thing is to terminate or destroy the KUJ DOSHA OR MANGLIK DOSHA is \"SHUDH NAVMANSHA\" ( BEST MUHOORTAS ) . A person who furnished or completed the marriage ceremony (e.g. Kanya Daan/Panigrahan/Sindoor Daan etc) in a perfect time which is known as \"SHUDH NAVMANSHA \" can enjoy his married life. The question may arise how to find Kuj dosha ? It very simple. You see your horoscope. Find the \"Ascendant or LAGNA \" ( it will be written there ) The LAGNA or Ascendant is called 1st house. You start counting anty clockwise from lagna 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th . For example when lagna is \" SINGH \" or LION (which is denoted with 5 ) then the number 5 is 1st house, 8 number is 4th house, 11 number is 7th house , 12 number is 8th house and 4 number is 12th house.The 2nd rule is to be checked is \"LOVE AFFAIR \". When the Lord of 5th house is occupies ( situated ) in 7th house OR lord of 7th house is occupies (situated) in 5th house the person ( he/she ) will surely have a love affair ( no matter how innocent or simple he /she looks ) . Not only that, any relationship with the Lord of 5th and 7th house (e.g occupying, looking and exchanging the house ) is sign of love affair. Person having such a situation in his / her horoscope is natural lovers. This is a good sign . They will marry with girlfriend or boyfriend. If the Lord of the house of above mentioned house is a cruel planet then they will listen any advice regarding marriage. They take hard step such court marriage. And if lord of the house is good planet the marriage will took place with permission from guardian.

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Pankaj KumarDec 25, 2016


Nice predictions & Giving sufficient time to resolve problems

Mamta ChandakDec 11, 2016

Very Good Astrologer

Today I had a word with Dr. Shreeprakash Sharma.He is very polite and humble,has excellent command on Astrology.He listened to me very patiently and explained every aspect of my horoscope in detail.

suman periwalNov 15, 2016