Acharya Raman

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Acharya Raman

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Counselling Therapist, KP Astrology, Reki Healing, Vedic Astrology


English, Hindi

About me:

I am doing Astrology since past 15 years. I am KP Astrologer, Numerologist, Reiki Master. I have been writing about astro numero topics since 2009 and have been published on all the major portals at one time or another. I am doing astrological readings since 2000. I did free astrology readings for hundreds for a long time. Now, since the past 14-15 years, this is my primary focus. If you feel you need divine guidance through your horoscope and remedies to improve the quality of your life then this is the place to be. I am a Reiki Master and doing healings across the globe for people. I also teach Astrology and Numerology. Hindu astrology is based on constellations and requires very careful reading and judgment. There are several yogas or combinations in your chart which give a sure shot hint about your past present and future. No one can change the past but present and future can surely be corrected up to a limit and not beyond it.There are 27 constellations, 12 signs, 9 planets and various other things to be seen in a birth chart. I use the traditional approach and KP system of astrology which is more into stellar arena but is based completely upon the traditional system.


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abhimanyu ananya nJul 21, 2020



prahan ananya nJul 21, 2020



snigdha mJul 20, 2020



Shashank GJul 08, 2020



akira PeriwalJun 20, 2020


good astrology done

Arun RathiJun 08, 2020


Very good experience and I am happy.

Sadhana SinghJan 16, 2020

Rajendra KumarDec 02, 2019

KP astrologer in deep knowledge

As I had talked with many different types of Astrologer, I find BEST you

Prince MittalNov 27, 2019

Abhishek VermaNov 05, 2019

labor kabirOct 28, 2019


his predictions were all correct

Tarun KumarOct 11, 2019

expert astrologer

happy with consultation

Dilip KumarSep 27, 2019

Life Coach and counseling

Dear friends , I am very happy and feeling Miracle and healing by Reki expert ,KP astrologer acharya Raman , recommend everyone to talk with sir