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Praamod Malpani

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Praamod Malpani

Expertise in:

KP Astrology, Nadi Astrology, Numerology, Vedic Astrology



About me:

Astrologer Pramod Kumar Malpani is a well experienced Astrologer in Mumbai,India, with 15 years of experience in Astrology. He is well versed in Horoscope reading, He can be consulted on career, job, love life, marriage life, business, foreign settlement, litigation, health etc. His area of expertise including Love and Relationship, Marriage, Career, Health, Education, and Business. He believes that as a servant of god he is here to help his clients in their tough times. He can suggest you with practically feasible solutions to solve or reduce the problems related to any sphere of your life in the best and easy way. He strongly believe that prayers offered by you, yourself can only solve all your problems.


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Hardik MakwanaJul 24, 2020



Suryakant AdhatraoJul 22, 2020


Just had a great conversation with this gentleman. Very soft spoken, great to talk.

Narayan MalpaniJul 22, 2020


Very true ... Excellent knowledge and easy solution s. with minimum cost.. Great help ..highly recommend you for consultancy..Thanks Narayan Malpani

null nullJul 22, 2020


whatever you told was very accurate.. Excellent knowledge and very easy to do solutions with minimum cost ..Thanks a lot

Bhumika JainJul 22, 2020


Thank you Mr.Pramod your insight knowledge of kundali reading helps alot.Must try it

pushpa sharmaJul 22, 2020


A very good knowledge of astrology. You can get the minute detail of it question. Must get the readings from him.

Sagar MistryJul 21, 2020


Very good consultation...highly recommend for correct and precise answers to all the questions

Vaibhavi GalaJul 21, 2020


He is very precise, I got all my answers with Solution. Definitely booking will go him in future when required.

Siddhesh AdhatraoJul 21, 2020


I spoke to Mr.Malpani. It was really a good consultation. Many thanks to him.

Vaibhavi GalaJul 21, 2020


Amazing Reading, got the solution for all the problems. One should approach him get the solution for problems. Definitely booking next appointment soon. Thank you so much!!

Prashant SharmaJul 21, 2020


Very precise and knew beforehand what questions i was seeking answers to and also gave very accurate and easy to understand answers to the questions.

Rajendra SharmaJul 21, 2020


He is having a very profound knowledge of Astrology. He is good at providing detail information and the questions are also answered percised.

Shweta SharmaJul 21, 2020


The Astrologer Mr.Pramod Malpani is a perfectionist. He has a indepth knowledge of Kundali reading. I have been consulting him from before and have always been satisfied with his standards of reading. If you want a in depth and accurate reading of your kundali please try him.

mohnish malpaniJul 21, 2020


everything he said was true...worth consulting

aditya maheshwariJul 21, 2020


best consultation ever

rakesh periwalNov 23, 2019


rkNov 22, 2019


happy with consultation