Astrologer Aaditya

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Astrologer Aaditya

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Meditation, Numerology, Prashna kundli expert, Vastu consultation, Vedic Astrology, Yoga and Spiritual Healer


English, Gujarati, Hindi

About me:

I was fortunate to have been born in renowned family of Vedic scholars and Astrologers’ .My quest for knowledge and the journey towards research on the subject started at the early age of 5 yrs. Though I had chosen the path of corporate world to build my career and earn my livelihood, the study on various facets of Astrology always remained my passion. I now choose to take pleasure in providing counselling services to the believers in this divine science.nnI firmly believe that there is nothing like co-incidence and everything in the universe is linked to the planetary combinations of our birth time and place. This is turn may be linked to the kind of deeds that we did or we didn’t, in this or in previous incarnations. And there are solutions to most of the issues arising there from, provided we believe in the power of Almighty.nnI welcome you to garner His blessings through use of Astrological solutions, and thus to fulfill your wishes and desires.


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rakesh periwalNov 29, 2019

deep knowledge and experience

Raju DasNov 29, 2019

Very nice astrologer

rakesh periwalNov 29, 2019

nicely talked

Dilip KumarNov 28, 2019

Great thanks

nice to hear you