Black Magic Removal Siddh Kali Mantra Pooja (By Acharya Raman)

Black Magic Removal Siddh Kali Mantra Pooja

If you feel that your things are getting bad in shape and things are not getting the destination which they are supposed to be then maybe someone has done some “prayog” or “Blackmagic” on you to curtail your growth. I have done a siddhi on kali mantra which was given to me by a great tantric long back and I have never disclosed it I feel that it should be used for people who are genuinely affected by some black magic by a real tantric. The recitation is 108 times and I will not pronounce it in loud words because I cannot share it but I will do the Japa for 108 times and more If I felt the need to do so. If you have faith in almighty and are willing to have the bad effects removed then you need to give me a “sankalpam” for the same and I will do the pooja for you. Maa Kali will take care of the rest and My Maharaj Ji.

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