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Placed in : Bangalore Rural, Karnataka, India

Hi, I am MC Prakash Gowda, BE, MBA by education, a Certified Tarot reader, and a Handwriting Analyst. By divine guidance, I am lucky to learn Tarot and do readings, My readings are accurate and very helpful. As per my experience Tarot reading helps a lot in taking decisions, gaining clarity. It can save you Money, Improve Happiness and Prosperity, Health and relationship. Tarot is an outstanding tool to gain clarity in life. I wish you good luck

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riya jainAug 30, 2017

recommended guruji

i will like to recommend guruji for tarot card reading he is best, and expert thank u guruji and

vidya vAug 30, 2017

good knowledge of tarot card

before i was not at all believing that wiht help from tarot card will know more about life and problem...but guruji solved my problem , he make me understand exactly whats going on in life,thank u guruji

vinay yAug 26, 2017

best in karnataka for tarot card

Honest and accurate, guruji is awesome and always a joy, I would highly recommend him for any situation you may be needed help with..thank u sir and thank u so much for helping me to find right person

bhargavi snAug 26, 2017

best tarot card reader

First time I had a tarot card reading. Didn\'t know what to expect or if I would not like it. I was extremely happy with my reading. guruji was very clear, accurate and delivered the information with warmth and honesty . he helped me tremendously with my marriage