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Futurestudyonline is one of the most trusted and Internationally acclaimed online portals that provide 360-degree solution in the world of Astrology. Today, finding a genuine and knowledgeable astrologer in India and overseas is a difficult task. However, Futurestudyonline has been striving to find research oriented and scholastic Best astrologer from all over India.

It is the sole destination for those who are keen to learn astrology, Vastu, palmistry, numerology, Tarot Card Reading and all Vedic custom studies under the label "Vedic Jyotish Vidyapeeth". VJV is affiliated to Indian Astrologers Society (IAS) that provides long term and short term courses as per the individual's interest.

Led by one of the notable astrologer of Bangalore Mr. Rakesh Periwal, Futurestudyonline is not just limited with the Best Astrology Consultation, it is also one of the perfect destinations to get the trusted authentic and affordable astrology courses that is accessible to the people across the world. The website has leading astrologers on board that provides you the best consultation and other pocket-friendly astrology services understanding the dilemma of the people and showing them the good path.

Vedic Jyotish Vidyapeeth (Futurestudyonline) has created the platform where the team of selected astrologers giving consultations as well as the professional courses classes. It has around 150 branches all over India aiming to spread more.

Director and Founder

Dr Rakesh Periwal is one of the top Astrologers of Bangalore with having a vast 15 years of experience in Astrology. He is having extensive knowledge in Astrology, Palmistry, Vastu Shastra and other Vedic customs. Having a childhood interest Dr Rakesh Periwal started learning Astrology from his school days. To understand his instincts for Astrology he started getting classes from his school friend's father who was also an astrologer. From there, he got inspiration to work for mankind. Working for the last 15 years for the welfare of the people he decided to create a digital platform understanding their problems for getting a good astrologer. Accessibility, spreading across the world, easy reach was the objective of Dr. Periwal and for that nothing was better than the trending digital space. So with the help of Vedic Jyotish Vidyapeeth (Futurestudyonline), Dr. Periwal aiming to solve the problems of number of people across the world and enlighten their path towards life.

Find a consultant

At Futurestudy, we provide services for the people to reach the top astrologers across the world easily. Each Astrologer on board are well qualified and provides an accurate prediction to make people's life easier and better. Our objective is to remove the barrier to connecting with trustworthy and relevant astrologers. As you can see getting a relevant astrologer these days is a big task.

Astrological Courses

Astrology has always played a crucial role in any individual's life, whether to get a consultation or giving the consultation. So, if you thinking to make a career in Astrology, the website also provides the courses that will benefit you to gain the knowledge of the heavenly bodies and take you to the services of mankind. For that, we provide IAS certificate courses. These online courses are designed in such a way that benefits every individual to wish to learn Astrology. Courses include Online webinar courses, Professional courses, and short term courses.

Astrological Products

We all know the Astro products are as much important as the Astrology consultation. It's remedies products have great influence on people's life. So opting these products are very important for the betterment of life. Keeping this in mind, we also provide the Astro Products under the same roof.

Pooja Services

We at Futurestudyonline also provides the pooja services under the same roof to provide the 360 degree solution of Astrology. We are having the Best Pandits in India on boards that help people to give the best services online as well as offline.


Kundali is one of the most important parts of Astrology that depicts one's life, how fruitful a planet in a Kundalior is and your birth chart. Kundali can be divided into many categories such as Nakshatra Kundali, Chandra Kundali, Navmasha Kundali that play a different role in any individual's life. At Futurestudyonline, we try to deliver the best Kundali study to transform people life eradicating their planetary evils and providing the best solution. Futurestudy also provide Kundali Matchmaking for the compatibility of the two souls.

Our Vision

Futurestudyonline aims to spread the knowledge of astrology to the people across the world by the help of internet. At present, almost 30% of the Indian people have access to the internet. The internet penetration is spreading at a faster pace to the rural topography of India. We have been striving to reach this esoteric knowledge to the people and make Futurestudyonline a household name in the near future.

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