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04th Feb 2020

Know your soul journey why you born

Be successful in life, happiness is your right

Astrology is key for read your future

Plan your life according to  your destiny, knowledge and experience is fruit of struggle life, many of us done mistake in career education marriage stock market business due to lake of right mentor with you after doing mistake we realise why not we had learn before processing, time is valuable money e is our requirement if we use our money ye to save time with smart way how it possible get experienced and knowledge by others who had spent lot of time to conclude what is right way, we should by their time to save our many years just in few rupees, if you are really smart use other experience and knowledge to grow fast. Success should not be very difficult in the internet time. Google Facebook ok are useful if we know  our destiny of life. Lack of self confidence and discipline lifestyle and negative attitude and fear cannot give us happiness of success. Best way of of success is company of of positive attitude people they give us to do something big. V read your story of startup which inspire us to create some big.

 Most of US don't know that we are unique and pure soul, spiritual science in India we have to birth and birth until moksh. Janm kundli e horoscope is karma balance sheet . Again we take birth according karma to correct our balance sheet. What are liability and assets in previous karma read completely . With punya of best planet we can start great work which is destiny of life giving us success. Yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, vastu, yaga, seva, satsang, bhagti keep always gratefulness of God mercy

[Self-realization course is important to improve inner strength

: guru, mentor, Vedic astrologer, spiritual healer is like a power house which can light up up your happiness and successful life

l: Believe truth and philosophy to implement our positive attitude is great to solve any problem

Your question maybe

When I get marriage, is it love marriage or arrange marriage

2. When I will get job, shall I start my own business

3. When I go abroad or can I do export import business

4. When I have own house for purchase land property

5. Which can be best way to create big wealth according astrology for me

6. How my health will be or any e problem in my health in future

7. When I get loan aur when  I will be  free from loan

what can i be in future