Namakaran Puja

Pooja will be performed by pandit on video call.

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Namakaran Puja


   Namkaran Puja is of utmost importance amongst Hindus. It’s one in all the first spiritual Puja that everybody participates as a child. The word Naam means that Name, and Karan means that to create or to effect; thus, the word Namkaran means that to decide and impact the name of a brand new born kid. The ceremony is presided by a priest during which all the members of the family get along for a joyous celebration to welcome a new member in the house.

Benefits of Namkaran Puja:

Namkaran signifies bestowing Sanskaar on a child that’s performed with a joyous celebration to welcome the baby. The Namkaran Puja includes naming the kid also. Its advantages are –

1.Increases the auspiciousness of the name selected  for the kid.

2.Brings smart luck, fortune and success in life.

3.Nullifies negative effects of the name.

4.To wipe off any sin generated from ovum and passed on to the fetus.

5.Increases the lifespan of the child.