Dr Kalpana Sinha

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Dr Kalpana Sinha

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KP Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Yoga and Spiritual Healer


English, Hindi

About me:

Dr Kalpana Sinha is an expert in Astrology, Spirituality & Palm Reading since 1985. She received Jyotish Praveena and Visharad from ICAS and is pursuing her second PhD in Vedic Astrology. She specialises in Career, Relationships, Education, Marriage, Health, Wealth and Property, Family, Business and Life in General
Astrology is a great Mystic Science which has always fascinated me. It is a deep ocean of Knowledge. Astrology is made up of two words, ie Astro- Aster or Star and Logy- Systematic Science. The planetary position in the Zodiac at the time of birth is called Horoscope, Rashi or D/1 Chart. In a Horoscope there are 12 Houses and 9 Planets . The arrangement of 9 Planets in these 12 Houses is called Horoscope which tells about the native. Astrology is based on Past Life Karma, so our deeds in our past life decides our Present Life. Since Human Life is very precious and important, if we indulge in good deeds presently, I feel that there is some scope of getting rid of our past bad Karma. This will in turn help us in leading a good life. nnAstrology is not only a profession but a passion for me. Every horoscope itself is a great learning, a new experience and I take it as a challenge. My aim is to serve people who are in distress, confused and guide them with the little knowlege I have with a positive attitude. I am grateful to The GOD for providing me the opportunity to connect to you all. My Clients are very dear to me and I try with my heart and soul to help them. It gives me immense pleasure if I am able to bring smile on your faces with my consultation.


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rajesh kumarJul 24, 2020



dhruv mJul 20, 2020



Muskan pJul 08, 2020



Jhanvi JJul 08, 2020



ANJAN KUMAR Jul 03, 2020


not telling answerz to questions

rajesh kumarJun 20, 2020



poonam PeriwalJun 20, 2020


Very nice astrologer..

Arun RathiJun 08, 2020


Very good experience and I am happy.

punit guptaJun 07, 2020


Very good experience in jyotish and pretty good prediction

rakesh periwalJun 05, 2020


thanks for guidance

Kalyan singhDec 14, 2019

shilpi sumanNov 18, 2019

kamal yadavSep 01, 2017

business suggestions

thank u mam with your grace i changed my business plans and now we are so succesful even i got loans and we expanded the business

kavitha sSep 01, 2017


vastu is very perfect with this astrologer.we tried several astrologers to see our office vastu. but nothing worked but we are so glad that after meeting madam our vastu is perfect. we are seeing so much diff

mohammad tabishSep 01, 2017


i consulted kalpana ji for my brother\'s marriage, really satisfied with her predictions and remedies. Thanks kalpana ji for helping me and my brother.

kamna singhSep 01, 2017

guidance was good

First of all i would like to thank Astrologer kalpana ji for her wonderful guidance and suggesting me effective remedies.

shyam jainSep 01, 2017


I counsulted astrologer kalpana ji for my professinal problem, i feel very confident and satisfied with her services and she also teach me her result oriented meditation technique.\n\nI am also very thankful to team futurestudyonline.com

puja vermaSep 01, 2017

best in yoga

she gives very best mindset through yoga...seriously it works alot thank u kalpana ji

CaFeb 07, 2017

Experience good

God given you talent in astrology . I fee whatever you told me is right . Point to point about my life