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Astro Archana Agarwal

Astro Archana Agarwal (Call charges included)

Expertise in : Counselling Therapist, Numerology, Vedic Astrology Expert

Language : English, Hindi

Preferred Days are : all days

Timing (IST) : 6 pm to 9 pm

Placed in : Delhi, India

In 525 BCE, Egypt was conquered by the Persians. The 1st century BCE Egyptian Dendera Zodiac shares two signs – the Balance and the Scorpion – with Mesopotamian astrology.[35]nnWith the occupation by Alexander the Great in 332 BCE, Egypt became Hellenistic. The city of Alexandria was founded by Alexander after the conquest, becoming the place where Babylonian astrology was mixed with Egyptian Decanic astrology to create Horoscopic astrology. This contained the Babylonian zodiac with its system of planetary exaltations, the triplicities of the signs and the importance of eclipses. It used the Egyptian concept of dividing the zodiac into thirty-six decans of ten degrees each, with an emphasis on the rising decan, and the Greek system of planetary Gods, sign rulership and four elements.[36] 2nd century BCE texts predict positions of planets in zodiac signs at the time of the rising of certain decans, particularly Sothis.[37] The astrologer and astronomer Ptolemy lived in Alexandria. Ptolemy's work the Tetrabiblos formed the basis of Western astrology, and, "...enjoyed almost the authority of a Bible among the astrological writers of a thousand years or more

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The conquest of Asia by Alexander the Great exposed the Greeks to ideas from Syria, Babylon, Persia and central Asia.[39] Around 280 BCE, Berossus, a priest of Bel from Babylon, moved to the Greek island of Kos, teaching astrology and Babylonian culture.[40] By the 1st century BCE, there were two varieties of astrology, one using horoscopes to describe the past, present and future; the other, theurgic, emphasising the soul's ascent to the stars.[41] Greek influence played a crucial role in the transmission of astrological theory to Rome.[42]nnThe first definite reference to astrology in Rome comes from the orator Cato, who in 160 BCE warned farm overseers against consulting with Chaldeans,[43] who were described as Babylonian 'star-gazers'.[44] Among both Greeks and Romans, Babylonia (also known as Chaldea) became so identified with astrology that 'Chaldean wisdom' became synonymous with divination using planets and stars.[45] The 2nd-century Roman poet and satirist Juvenal complains about the pervasive influence of Chaldeans, saying, "Still more trusted are the Chaldaeans; every word uttered by the astrologer they will believe has come from Hammon's fountain."[46]nnOne of the first astrologers to bring Hermetic astrology to Rome was Thrasyllus, astrologer to the emperor Tiberius,[42] the first emperor to have had a court astrologer,[47] though his predecessor Augustus had used astrology to help legitimise his Imperial rights.[48]nnMedieval world[edit]nHindu[edit]nThe main texts upon which classical Indian astrology is based are early medieval compilations, notably the Bṛhat Parāśara Horāśāstra, and Sārāvalī by Kalyāṇavarma. The Horāshastra is a composite work of 71 chapters, of which the first part (chapters 1–51) dates to the 7th to early 8th centuries and the second part (chapters 52–71) to the later 8th century. The Sārāvalī likewise dates to around 800 CE.[49] English translations of these texts were published by N.N. Krishna Rau and V.B. Choudhari in 1963 and 1961, respectively.


Ravi KumarOct 15, 2019


new video

Neel kamalSep 22, 2019

दिल से धनयवाद

मै बहुत अवसाद में जी रहा था , सोचता था मुझे खुद ही अपने जीवन में मार्गदर्शन करें, किसी दोस्त ने आपके बारे जानकारी दी तो हमारे भाग्य में लिखा जाना आेर जीवन को फायदा पहुंचाने वाले आपके विचारों से प्रभावित होकर पाया की यात्रा आत्मा की आगे बढ़ रही हैं

Tarun bansalFeb 12, 2019

Good luck

It is my good luck to talk with you, thanks

surbhi ranjanAug 25, 2017

best experience

Thanks a lot futurestudyonline.com for introducing me such a nice Astrologer archana ji, my life was really a hell and she advised me some stone to wear and it was really a miracle for me and my family. Thank you archana jee for helping me and giving such nice prediction which changed my life.

rashmi rathoreAug 25, 2017

best astrologer

I had consulted archana ji for my personal problem I had no peace of mind i was not having interest in job also when I consulted archana ji she gave me exact and experience prediction and guided me to come out of my problem and now I am living stress less life and I got promotion in my job

rohit bagriJul 07, 2017

Superb astrologer

If you are in real need of good astrologer you may consult astro Archana Agarwalji . She has profound knowledge on this subject and give you best possible suggestions. \nThank you mam once again.



Read my kundali like reading a book, each and every line perfect, now i believe astrology is math and you are professor of astro math

rakesh periwalMar 11, 2017

Excellent Astrologer

Thanks for detailed analysis and prediction for horodcope