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Tarot Tushar

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About me
My name is Tushar singh , I am an acclaimed tarot reader sn i have been successfull practicing reading for her clients as well as teaching for the past 5 year,i am mentor the guiding my client from different parts of the world to find thier natural path,my style of advising combines my gift of intuition with my practice of meditation an empathetic communication.i according to me, i believe in free will and that very little, if anything is set in stone. i have helped people transform their live from deep despair to desire to excel. i considere my intuition to be the strongest guiding force while doing the reading, i believe in the power of universe and in the mysterious ways it works,you can connect with me regarding of Marriage consultant, Education and career consultant,love and relationships,money related issues, legal matters and much more.i will provide you solution and give you the remady accordingly


Rajendra RaneOct 06, 2021


Very good astrologer

rakesh periwalJan 23, 2021