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Astro Narender Ratusaria Aggarwal

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Astro Narender Ratusaria Aggarwal (Call charges included)

Expertise in : Numerology, Palmistry, Vastu

Language : English, Hindi, Punjabi

Placed in : Sirsa, Haryana, India

About me:

Myself Narender Ratusaria(MA, LLB) I try my best to analyze the Horoscope of the clients according to Indian Astrology. To the best of my knowledge till day all of my clients satisfied with my analysis and this is the best part of my analysis .Other than this people and my clients say that I am also very good Palm reader. I have also found that some times Palmistry is more accurate than Horoscope. As we know that two persons or more than two persons take birth at the same time and same place and thus their horoscope can be same but the lines in their palm will be different. We know that in Palmistry no two persons can have the same lines on their palm. So better if Palmistry is added in Astrology for better results.Next is Vastu. I am giving consultation of Vastu also since 1996, although with my experience, I found that Vastu is not the right science and most of us generate terror in the mind of clients which is not good so recently I started not believing in Vastu. Any body aggrieved by any Vastu expert may onsult me. I shall be happy to remove his stress arose due to Vastu terror. Now the Numerology I am not so good in Numerology although I have basic knowledge of Numerology. Although I believe that Astrology can predict better than Numerology. Numerology can help in remedial part and Numerology and Astrology if used both the sciences, can give better result in case of remedies. I apologies to the Numerologist. As we talk you will begin to experience and observe yourself from a different perspective than you are accustomed to. In your chart I see a representation of you. This view of yourself can be expected to bring you to a place of renewed self validation and the potential for new direction on your path and deeper commitment to your path. In this consultation we will also work with the changing times and how you are currently being affected by the movement, and progression, of the planets. In a personal and confidential astrological session, we’ll discuss: what you need for deep and abiding fulfillment in your personal relationships Fears and challenges that you must overcome Significant circumstances in the past that affect your current behavior patterns Current concerns, as well as projection and planning into the near future . IF YOU SEND PIC OF YOUR BOTH PALM ALSO WITH YOUR BIRTH DETAILS, THE ANALYSIS OF YOUR FUTURE CAN BE BETTER WITH THIS. MY BEST EFFORT IS TO SATISFY MY CLIENT AND I NEVER MISGUIDE AND NEVER MISUSE ANY OF MY CLIENT. I SHALL BE AVAILABLE ON PHONE CALL PER MINUTE DAILY FROM 1 TO 2 P.M.


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prashant .Jun 25, 2020


Experience is very good. Predictions were perfect

prashant .Jun 25, 2020


Experience is very good. Predictions were perfect

prashant .Jun 25, 2020



Arun RathiJun 08, 2020


Very good experience and I am happy.

punit guptaJun 07, 2020


Very good experience in jyotish and pretty good prediction

Kalpana Kumar Feb 21, 2019


Good service with the great knowledge of all aspects in astrology.

NishuSep 17, 2018

Five stars

Five stars

NishuSep 17, 2018

Very helpful

Narendra ji reads horoscope very well. he almost tol all all my problems which I didn\'t disclose to him & gave time and remedies to resolve that. Five stars to him.. Thank u sir

ritesh agarwalSep 11, 2017

helpfull prediction

I talked to Pandit ji a couple of months ago,at that time, the period of my life was not good..he showed me the right track and suggest me the remedies which are easy to do..Thanks Pandit ji for your help..May god always bless you and you always do help the people who are in need...thank u narender ji

kishan darukaSep 11, 2017

solved my biggest problem

I was going through the toughest time of my life.Things were falling apart and nothing was working.A friend o mine suggested to talk to him.He explained to me so nicely how my planets are responsible for my misery.\nHe gave me solutions which did not solve the problem,but definately I was not affected by it anymore.To me he is a Miracle man.Thank you narender ji

alok awasthiSep 11, 2017


A soft spoken astrologer who answers all questions with accurate prediction. We could contact them several times for suggestions in our life. A person who gives light to entire world. I request to contact him with confidence....

Shalini jainFeb 15, 2017

Excellent Astrologer

I feel motivated and feel satisfication

Kamal AgarwalDec 20, 2016


Your analysis of my horoscope was substantially satisfactory.To my opinion,he is a good astrology consultant.