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Hema Chawla

Hema Chawla (Call charges included)

Expertise in : Relationship counseling, Stress and anxiety counseling

Language : English, Hindi, Punjabi

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Placed in : New Delhi, Delhi, India

>>>>>>>>>DO YOU NEED SOMEONE WHO CAN JUST LISTEN TO YOU>>>>>>>>>>Counsellor for Stress Relieving and relationship management>>>>

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Today times have put a lot of pressure on all of us. As a Child you have pressures to study and score. As an Adult you have constant pressure to perform and succeed, meet deadlines, keep you clients, bosses, colleagues, happy. At the same time you have to satisfy your family needs and demands up to their satisfaction. No doubt, their love gives you enough energy and boost up but then we all are human. Also, though, everyone has hundreds of "Friends" on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites apart from "Real" life friends, and close family members, you cannot always share your stress, anxiety and pressures to them. For the elderly, although they are past that stage of constant life surviving situations, some of them may not have made enough arrangements to live comfortably in this stage of their life due to responsibilities. Those who may have been lucky there, may not have been lucky in their relationships with their spouse, children or any other person. Also today with life going on so fast, our elder generation sometimes feels very lonely and just want to share their thoughts with someone and that person should not necessarily be from the circle. In fact most would agree that it is more comforting to open up to a stranger about your feeling than known person. Most of the times, person is not even looking for a solution to a situation but just needs someone who would JUST LISTEN. This is where my services comes in. "I CAN BE YOUR CONFESSION BOX in a way". "I am all ears to listen to YOU". Please feel free to talk to me whenever you feel like. I am one person who can listen to your problems, your frustration, your pressures, your past life antidotes/stories anything that comes to you mind as long as they are without crossing boundaries of decency. Just some RULES:1.Do not make obscene conversations in any way 2.Do not try to make friends 3.Do not create difficult situations 4.Do not try to get personal..Disclaimer : This is non clinical conversation platform. Any suggestion, opinion, advice given is not to be treated as medical advice.