ZIRKON (By Astro Rakesh Periwal)

WE PROVIDE YOU DOOR DELIVERY PER CARAT 150/- APROX Zircon is a lucky stone for sunsign Libra (23 Sep – 22 Oct). In Indian astrology, Jarkan stone strengthens Venus (Shukra) and is the upratna for Libra (Tula) and Taurus (Vrish). Zircon stone gives its wearer mental peace, confidence, a good attitude, and marital bliss and health benefits. Ascendants of Virgo, Gemini, Aquarius and Capricorn can also wear a Zircon gemstone.

Zircon Gemstone Astrological Benefits: Zircon gemstone strengthens Venus, which rules the love and married life of a person. Wearing Zircon brings passion, health, understanding and satisfaction from one’s love affair or marriage. One of the benefits of wearing Zircon stone is the bringing of concord and peace into a disturbed married life. People with a strong Venus are more likely to choose an artistic or a glamorous profession like Fashion, Acting, Painting, Writing, Music, Designing etc. Wearing Zircon brings creativity and success to its wearer, especially if he/she is in such a profession. Medically, Zircon is said to help keep Hormonal balance’ right and protects from hormonal imbalance related ailments. It is said that Zircon benefits the Urinary and Reproductive system. Jarkan stone builds the confidence of its wearer. People who wear a zircon feel more confident, charming and sure of themselves. It also helps in improving the social life of its wearer.

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