Matching for Marriage (By Future Study Online)

Matching for Marriage which is called \"Jotok Bichar\" -- is not an easy task. Maximum common people depend on Gana for matching and maximum astrologers also depend on only \'Astakut Guna Bichar\'. But these are not complete matching system according to Indian Traditional Astrology. For Astakut Guna bichar nobody needs to go to an astrologer because it can be easily calculated through astrological software or astrological sites. I have seen many couples who scored over 30(which is called very good matching or Raj Jotok) in Astokut. But within 1 or 2 years they separated or leading a unhappy married life.nThere are many things to judge in both horoscope besides Astokut. Main thing to see that one\'s chart\'s deficiency must be fulfiled by another.nThe relation in the position of ascendant in both chart must be judged.nVenus of boy and Mars of girl should not be in evil houses.nRelation of ascendant must be earth-water or air-fire. Should not be earth-fire or air-water.nLord of ascendant of both should not be in evil position of repective chart.nSuch many things need to judge for matching two horoscopes.nUnfortunately, very few astrologers know to match horoscope in this way. So couples are suffering for wrong matching.

Kundli Matching is an ancient vedic practice of matching two peoples horoscopes in 8 aspects of life. This forms the basis for determining whether two people are suited to embark on the most important journey of their life i.e. matrimony. Matching will be calculated in scientific method and detail report will be delivered. Name, Date of birth, time of birth and place of birth of both are required for calculation. The report will be delivered within 7 days. In some cases it may take minimum 10 days.

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