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Prof Vijaya Kumar TR

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English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu
21 Years

Counselling Therapist, Numerology, Palmistry, Prashna kundli expert, Reiki Healing, Vastu Consultation, Vedic Astrology, Yoga and Spiritual Healer

About me

Engineering graduate from Bangalore University.Astrology Qualifications/Awads are Jyotisha Visharada, Jyotisha Parveena, Jyotisha Vachaspati,Ratna shastra Parveena, Jyotisha Vidhyabhushana, Jyotisha Parbhakara, Jyotisha Mahopadhyaya etc.Having experience of 21 years in Astrology teaching and Practising (counseling) . One of the leading astrologer. Founder member of Karnataka State Federation Astrologer\'s and Astrological institutions-- KSFAAI. President: Akhila Karnataka Astrological Services Hub (AKASH) Marriage matching or match making is a solemn decision taken on behalf of the boy and a girl before they tie the knot to hold and to behold each other for the rest of their lives. The Hindus ensure that the compatibility of this solemn lifelong binding enables the couple to live \'happily ever after\'.the practice of Matching og the horoscope of two individuals, is an age-old craft which remains one of the most popular uses of astrology. Most books on synastry focus on the aspects formed between the Sun, the Moon, and the planets in one chart to the other. The synastry charts of any two individuals can be compared; business partners, parent/child, friends, enemies or whatever. Our purpose here, however, will be limited to the comparison of partners in a romantic or potentially romantic relationship. The synastry of love relationships.

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phavesh advaniAug 12, 2020

FutureStudy Online

Pankaj pJul 08, 2020



Vasudev lJul 08, 2020



shourya choudharyJul 08, 2020



shourya choudharyJul 08, 2020



prashant .Jun 25, 2020


Experience is very good. Predictions were perfect

punit guptaJun 07, 2020


Very good experience in jyotish and pretty good prediction

Santanu padhyApr 08, 2020


great experience person in astrology

bikram singhMar 02, 2020


bhut vadia dsde a

Madhusmita karFeb 18, 2020

Nice experience consult with you

Nice experience talking with you

SIVA KUMARFeb 18, 2020

Best astrologer

Nice explanations

Sangita dasFeb 18, 2020

Accurate prediction

His predictions is very accurate..highly recommend to him...

Mohanlal sharmaFeb 18, 2020

knowledgeable Astrologer

very positive and knowledgeable astrologer,thank you pandit ji..

Rahul gargFeb 18, 2020

Best suggestion

i want to thank you for your suggestions and remedies that you gave extremely beneficial in my life

Ankit guptaFeb 18, 2020

Great Astrologer

I am grateful for your valuable suggestions that helped me a lot in my business

Rajesh kumarFeb 18, 2020

True predictions

Thnx for your kindly advice that helped me to resolve the problem of my life with your predictions and valuable tips

dillip bhuyanFeb 18, 2020

Best astrologer

very nice astrologer and positive highly recommended

Rakesh PeriwalFeb 13, 2020


Rakesh PeriwalFeb 12, 2020

top consultation

chatrapati KavalapureNov 15, 2019

chatrapati KavalapureNov 15, 2019

chatrapati KavalapureNov 15, 2019

SashSep 05, 2019


Predictions were accurate

Vijay SuryashekharJun 09, 2019

Best Astrology Services in Bangalore

Dear Friends, As you all can see many Astrology services boards across the city. Hope you would have not visited and had a bad experience with them. Today you will find more fake astrologers in many places. To fix these issues Prof Vijayakumar and team is training their students extensively in the area of astrology which includes case studies. Thanks to Prof Vijayakumar and Team. Very dedicated and Experiences team of astrologers i have ever seen. Proved to be the student of AKASH Astrology institute, Bangalore. India.\n\nDr Vijay Suryahskhar\nNumerology & Budding Astrologer\nStudent of AKASH, The best astrology services & Training Centre,\n Bangalore, India\

prakash dubeyAug 25, 2017


Mr. VIJAY JI is a very good astrologer.... i consulted him when i lost my job...n i was very tensed....he gave me good advice n helped m happy with my new job....he is a nice person...he has the powers to help others he told me that we should never loose hope....I just want to say thank you to u man...U r the best astrologer i have ever seen....Thankyou... 😊

manjunath shettyAug 25, 2017

very knowledgable astrologer

he is best astrologer in karnataka, i was too much worried of my study and job but his prediction made me change and now he helped which field is good for me and i am very much happy with his service ....

pawan bansalJun 14, 2017

computer of astrology

he is very good astrologer. he have very good nature

mayankFeb 15, 2017

best astrologer

nice to talk with you

Yogesh srivastavFeb 08, 2017

Excellent astrologer

Expert in prediction , he is polite and very good astrologer . I belive anybody will be satisfy with his great knowledge. Thanks