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Kirti Seth

Kirti Seth (Call charges included)

Expertise in : Astrology, Counselling Therapist, Meditation, Numerology, Palmistry, Vastu

Language : English, Hindi, Punjabi

Preferred Days are : Monday -Saturday

Timing (IST) : 11-00 Am -8-00 Pm

Placed in : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

He has been started predictions, at an early age of 11 years,He learned Vastu & Astrology under the Guidance of Guruji Acharya Gopal Das Shukla ji . He developed the path of Trans astral & motion physics, which helps to solve many problems and practicing Astrology, Vastu, Palmsitry and Transastral,from past 22 years.Through the phone advice and personal consultancy, He is helping many people from all over India to resolve the problem that they face in their life. He is a dedicated astrologer, whose advice and suggestion is received by many people with high value and find peace in it. He is specialized in Astrology, Counselling Therapist, Meditation, Numerology, Palmistry, Vastu.

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Astrology is most popular system of prediction used extensively and widely all over the world from ancient times. A practitioner of astrology is called an astrologer or an astrologist. Astrologers cast the horoscope of native, which is a diagram of the position of planets & signs of the zodiac at a particular time and place. It is a mirror in which an astrologer can see one's past, present and future. Horoscope is like a snapshot of a particular place in time and space. If that instant in time is the time of birth of an individual and the space is his birthplace, then that horoscope is called a natal horoscope or natal chart or birth chart. There are 12 houses in a horoscope from which an astrologer can predict about various areas of the life of an individual. This horoscope enables the astrologer to know that it contains what type of promise and on the basis of this promise he can know easily that what the future has in store for the native. For the calculation of the timing of an event, which can be predicted on the basis of this promise the majority of astrologers use the knowledge of impact of major period/sub period and transit.

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sneha barnwalSep 01, 2017

good astrologer

i was disturb from many days due to many incident was happeing in my family and life.. i got disturb so much dat i was not able to control my mind then my friend suggested me for futurestudyonline.com and den i consulted him...he gave very good prediction and i am happy for that thank u so much guruji

rani singhSep 01, 2017

best in mumbai

i hav visited to his office and shown my palm he said the things seriosuly it is true i cant believe how is it possible...my bad times is going but it will end soon so no problem he gave me stone also that will work

smita kahsyapSep 01, 2017

very adorable

he listen with patience and solve our problem in very nice manner... i seriously like the way he gave me prediction and its working thank u guruji

vijay nathAug 26, 2017

mere bete ki shadi nahi horahi thi

mere bete koi dasha chal rahe thi jo hume nahi pata tha mujhe bahut tension rehta tha ki uski shadi kyun nahi ho rahai hai,phir mujhe futurestudyonline.com se kirti ji se baat krne ka mauka mila or unhone meri samsya samjhi or mujhe uske liye upay btaye or wo ab asar ho raha beta ko.mere beta ko unhone stone dharan karne bola kyuki uska koi dasha chal rahi hai ...thank u sir mai apse sehmat hun

rania ahujaAug 26, 2017

very correct astrologer

Nearly 6 month ago I approached kirti ji, as I was selling my agriculturalLand to invest in business, before I consulted him he suggested to wear coral As per my astrological chart, and suggested remedies to follow.To my amaze I started seeing results in my transaction found likeA magic. So I insist approaching a right person is first step to attainSuccess, thank you guruji