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Sandeep Yati (Call charges included)

Expertise in : Astrology, Palmistry

Language : Bengali, English, Hindi

Preferred Days are : Mon to Sun

Timing (IST) : 6 am to 11:45 PM

Placed in : New Delhi, Delhi, India

Born in a Brahmin family near Varanasi had keen interest in the predictive science of astrology since childhood. He has been practicing and teaching astrology, palmistry including Ramal Jyotish for decades. He also has an expertise in predictive astrology suggesting simple and cheap remedies for any problem. He is the son of a class-I gazetted military officer, he moved to various parts of India and gathered different art of expert prediction throughout. He passed his matriculation from BSF School Kadamtala as a topper. He finished his higher secondary in science stream from KV Bengdubi to join physics honours course and later opted to do engineering in electronics & comm. Eventually he left everything just for the deep interest in Astrology and Vaidik science so that he can use it to serve the people suffering from various problems in life.

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This is an index in that it links up to all of the astrology pages. But it is the home page for lots of intersting astrology content. Starting with some astrology key words to remember, it moves into a discussion on the astrology element - earth, fire, air, and water. Next comes the modes of activity - cardinal, mutable, fixed, AKA the quadruplicities. Then comes a nice astrology cheat sheet on the planet and sign symbols, followed by discussions on the great astrology ages, the influence of the hemispheres, Chiron, the lunar nodes, and retrograde planets. Technical horoscopes and astrology ideas in India came from Greece, states Nicholas Campion, and developed in the early centuries of the 1st millennium CE. Later medieval era texts such as the Yavana-jataka and the Siddhanta texts are more astrology-related.


yatin upadhyayaAug 30, 2017

very good astrologer

I thank you for all your good advises that forced me to introspect myself and perfect choice of solution that change the whole perspective of viewing this life and its problems. You are a very genuine and a wonderful person I have ever met.Really I was impressed by this people the way they handle the clients.

deepak singhAug 30, 2017

good astrologer

A wonderful experience and very first time to visit any astrologer . His every words are motivating. He shows me the path to light, positive and hope. I felt very relaxed and relieved of my negativity after I left his chamber and I had a blind believe he can do best for me with his knowledge and power .

deepesh rajAug 30, 2017

good experinced

He is a very knowledgeable, cultured and pious guruji. His understanding of astrology is clear which helps he in guiding his clients in the right direction. he also offers realistic solutions to his clients which are affordable and effective. I would recommend him since he can draw a clear map of a person`s life based on DOB and Time of Birth.I got very good guidance from him Thanks .

Pooja VishweshwaraiAug 28, 2017


I was not even having any interest. Then I met this astrologer. And he told me many things and he made my job fixed .

Neeraj groverJun 22, 2017


I am happy to tell my friends ,that i find good motivator and expert astrologer