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Expertise in : Astrology, Counselling Therapist, Nadi Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry

Language : English, Hindi, Kannada, Punjabi

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Placed in : Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Astrology can help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses, gifts, talents and shortcomings. It can help direct you to the best arenas to make money, sure, but it can also suggest the best area for job satisfaction and fulfillment.

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देश में सही से लोगो की मदद करने हेतु ज्योतिष के द्वारा मार्गदर्शन करने का लक्षय लेकर डॉ राकेश पेड़ीवाल पिछले 20 साल से लगातार अद्ययननरत हैncareer counselling astrology

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Deap KariaAug 08, 2018

thank you

Rakeshji is an extremely humble genuine and kind hearted person.. thank you sir for being soo nice and honest. . wish and pray what youve said happens in this month... as honestly its allll stuck and in genuine need for both the deals to work which is stuck uppp totally.. sure ur blessings are with me and this will also take me to the peak of music career as well.. to all who are looking for an honest guidance must speak to rakeshji once..

santanuAug 07, 2018


very good astrologer

santanuAug 07, 2018


nice astrologer

Vinod ShahMay 22, 2018

Number one astrology

Pranam guruji. Mera naam vinod c shah Mumbai virar maharashtra India hai . On 24 December 2016 I was ill . I was admitted in hospital . For 2.months and after doctor discharge me saying that he will not live. But the report was normal. I have contact many doctor but some say that u have tb or viral infections. After some day I have contact RAKESH sir . He consult me. He has given a proper perdition. And now after 1 yrs I am happy with my family. He is genius. For me & for my family he is guru. Pranam sir and always keep ur hand on my head . Respected sir . And thank you so much for my second life.

SachinApr 17, 2018

About experience with Rakesh ji guidance

Really Rakesh sir is most and accurate prediction astrologer no doubt\nthanks a lot sir\ni am always touch with you and your guidance time to time\n👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

MEDHA ARYAMar 15, 2018

Dr Rakesh Periwal

I had a word with Sir around a year ago. He made a prediction then about my career, which not only came true, it came true in the time period he predicted it would. \nToday I got a chance to express my gratitude to him, and he graciously analysed my hororscopes again. \nI wish to be in touch with him throughout, and highly recommend him to any one seeking advice. I can guarantee the accuracy of his predictions.

Ankit JainNov 30, 2017

Best Astrologer

I had a great discussion with Dr. Rakesh and i can say he is the best astrologer i have ever spoken.\nHe focusses on positives and strengths in your kundli and guides to tackle forthcoming challenges in life.\nI expect to continue taking his guidance in future.

SanjuAug 25, 2017

Best consultant

Many were fake we had so much problems in choosing astrologers to open a new business. Because of him we got the next decision and we are successful.

Suyash RathiAug 24, 2017

Best astrologer to consult for janam kundli and palm reading

Very good astrologer to consult.The predictions made are really very accurate.Also the solutions given for the doshas in kundli or other bad planetary impacts on our life are simple and effective...

deepikaAug 17, 2017

thank u sir

he has helped me solve my confusions.i will always ask his predictions coz he will patiently listen and solve

gaurav sharmaAug 15, 2017

Very good analysis

Very positive person highly recommended to everyone.

Ashish MaheshwariJun 22, 2017

Very intelligent and understand your all problems and give good solution

He is very good , gives you time n understand all your problems n give very good solutions.

Amit meelJun 13, 2017

Mind blowing astrologer

Very Good astrologer .He easily and simply solve my problems

sumit soniJun 13, 2017

Best astrologer

Best astrologer

harmeet singhJun 13, 2017

Best astrology

Very good astrologer \nHe easily solve my problems

sunil sainiJun 13, 2017

Unbelievable astrologer

Rakesh Sir is one of the best astrologers . He has Very good knowledge about astrology . I am very satisfied to know about myself. He is very helpful, polite and humble person

Harshit jainJun 13, 2017

Good knowledge

Rakesh Sir is one of the best astrologers . He has Very good knowledge about astrology . I am very satisfied to know about myself. He is very helpful, polite and humble person

Vishal bansalJun 13, 2017

World best astrologer

Dr Rakesh Periwal is too good. All his analysis were extremely true which was mindblowin.please keep up this commendable service always.

Rahul mittalJun 13, 2017

Good astrologer

Dr Rakesh Periwal is too good, caring and kind. All his analysis were extremely true which was mindblowin. May god bless you for all your wishes come true. thanks a lot

salman khanJun 13, 2017

Nyc Astrologer

He is very good astrologer.\nHis nature is very Nyc

kuldeep soniJun 13, 2017

Best astrologer

Very very best astrologer I am very happy to consulting with you\nVery very thanks sir for solution of my problem

PriyaMay 17, 2017


Dr Rakesh Periwal is too good, caring and kind. All his analysis were extremely true which was mindblowin. Never met an astrologer so patient with client hats off to you sir. please keep up this commendable service always. May god bless you for all your wishes come true. thanks a lot

Prince MittalFeb 15, 2017

About nature and knowledge

Very kindly. And has excellent knowledge

PAWAN PAREEKFeb 12, 2017

Best Astrology India Dr Rakesh sir

Excellent Astrologer of India with Questions of Answer thanks for RAKESH sir

Kapil BansalFeb 02, 2017



Neeraj KumarJan 31, 2017

Best Astrologer

Rakesh Sir is one of the best astrologers . He has Very good knowledge about astrology . I am very satisfied to know about myself. He is very helpful, polite and humble person



Very Professional and deep knowledge in reading kundali , gr8 job sir......

Daisy SoodJan 21, 2017

Sh Periwal

I want to add further that I even asked about my other family members like my brother and my husband. His predictions are always so true.I thank him from the bottom of my heart and wish him good luck always

Daisy SoodJan 21, 2017

Expert astrologer

I have been consulting sh Periwal since two years when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Whatever he predicted came out to be absolutely true.He is a very genuine person who is always ready to help.

SakshiJan 10, 2017

Best astrologer

Rakesh sir is one of the world\'s best astrologers. He is very genuine n honest astrologer with nice and friendly peronality. He has very deep knowledge about astrology, his guidance help me alot. I m satisfied from his analysis. By heart thank u so much sir.

Navaneet DamaniJan 10, 2017


Dr. Rakesh Periwal is very simple and humble personality and can be defined by five ‘R’ - Reliable; Realistic; Reasonable; Rare and Rational.\nIn the world of fake astrologers, I found him very genuine and have never seen any negative and dishonesty in his approach. His every advice is motivational with positivity. I believe that he can do his best with his knowledge and power. I thank him by heart and wish every success in his future Endeavors.

Kamalesh AgarwalDec 25, 2016


Very good analysis of horoscope.Career consulting in particular is great.

Kamal AgarwalDec 25, 2016


Horoscope analysis by astro dr.rakesh periwal is very good to my opinion.He has very good insight in career consulting.


best astrologers

Dr Rakesh Ji sir is one of the world\'s best astrologers . He Has Very good knowledge about astrology & has a deep and detailed knowledge of his subject. He is consistent, reliable and accurate. I am very satisfied to know certain things about myself .\nHe is very helpful, polite and humble person .\n1000 Times Thanks .

suman periwalNov 15, 2016