Lord Shiva Rudrabishek puja methods and its importance


Astro Rakesh Periwal 19th Jan 2019

Lord Shiva is viewed as brought into the world protector and destroyer. Essential among the many frame (Avtar) of Lord Shiva is his Rudra shape (Avtar). Loving Lord Shiva in this shape (Avtar) is known as Rudrabhishek. Numerous vedic sacred texts hail this as one of the best poojas. It is trusted that Lord Rama played out this Pooja in Rameshwaram before withdrawing for Lanka to safeguard Sita from Ravana.   What is Rudrabhishek?   The term Rudrabhishek is made by exacerbating Rudra and Abhishek. Here Rudra alludes to Lord Shiva and Abhishek alludes to the demonstration of pouring water, drain, ghee and so forth on an icon while discussing a mantra. For this Pooja, the Shivalinga is showered by persistently pouring water, drain, ghee, curds, sugarcane juice, coconut water, rice and finely ground sugar over it. A few sacred writings state that this Pooja ought to be performed by an individual just once in his lifetime. For what reason should you Perform a Rudrabhishek Pooja? The Rudhabhishek Pooja reveres Lord Shiva and washes away an individual's transgressions and torments. It is accepted to be the most promising method for satisfying Lord Shiva. This Pooja brings harmony, satisfaction and success to the general population playing out the Pooja and their families. It likewise shields aficionados from shrewdness and threat that may lie in their future. Individuals brought into the world under the karka rashi are profited gigantically by this Pooja. It additionally invalidates the evil impact of certain nakshatras like Pushya, Punarvasu and Ashlesha alongside incapacitated moon houses. It can likewise decrease the quantum of obligation and languishing over individuals Rahu, Ketu and Shani stages. A portion of alternate advantages one may accomplish through this Pooja are: ·         A decent accomplice for single guys ·         Remedies for maladies ·         A great job for jobless fans ·         Expulsion of vaastu doshas ·         Answer for lawful issues ·         Positive vitality and achievement The Best time to Perform (Avtar) Rudhabhishek There is no wrong time to perform (Avtar) this Pooja yet certain occasions might be more promising than others. Mondays are dedicated to Lord Shiva and thus this is the greatest day of the week to revere him with this Pooja. Be that as it may, in the event that you are influenced by the Mangal Dosha, Tuesday would be a superior day for you to perform (Avtar) this Pooja. The long stretch of Saawan or Shravan is considered especially propitious. To make progress in your endevours, a Shiv Pooja ought to be played out each day amid this time. For those influenced by the pitra dosha, the Amavasya and chaudas are promising for Rudhabhishek Pooja. On the off chance that you are as yet not certain, a Pandit in Bangalore could enable you to decide the best time to perform (Avtar) this Pooja. On the off chance that you require help connecting with a Pandit in Mumbai, south Indian and north Indian Pandits can be reached through FutureStudy. The most effective method to Perform (Avtar) a Rudhabhishek Pooja The Rudrabhishek can be performed at home or in a sanctuary devoted to Lord Shiva. There are 11 fixings thought about basic for this custom. They include: ·         Water ·         Drain ·         Yogurt ·         Oil ·         Nectar ·         Organic fruit juice ·         Bhang ·         Spread ·         Sugar ·         Sandalwood powder ·         Slag or Bhasma powder You may likewise incorporate an assortment of organic products, dry leafy foods. To start the Abhishek, all the previously mentioned fixings are poured over the Shivlinga to bathe it. It will at that point be finished with blooms, rudrakshas and bel leaves. Pandits in Bangalore, north Indian or south Indian will at that point perform (Avtar) the Rudrabhishek by recounting the Laghunyasa mantra and Shivopasana mantra. The 108 names of Shiva are then presented. This is trailed by a recitation of the Sri Rudram. Other individuals present may ruminate over Lord Shiva and serenade 'Om Namah Shivay' in sets of 108. ॐ नमः शिवाय

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यस्मिन् जीवति जीवन्ति बहव: स तु जीवति | काकोऽपि किं न कुरूते चञ्च्वा स्वोदरपूरणम् || If the 'living' of a person results in 'living' of many other persons, only then consider that person to have really 'lived'. Look even the crow fill it's own stomach by it's beak!! (There is nothing great in working for our own survival) I am not finding any proper adjective to describe how good this suBAshit is! The suBAshitkAr has hit at very basic question. What are all the humans doing ultimately? Working to feed themselves (and their family). So even a bird like crow does this! Infact there need not be any more explanation to tell what this suBAshit implies! Just the suBAshit is sufficient!! *जिसके जीने से कई लोग जीते हैं, वह जीया कहलाता है, अन्यथा क्या कौआ भी चोंच से अपना पेट नहीं भरता* ? *अर्थात- व्यक्ति का जीवन तभी सार्थक है जब उसके जीवन से अन्य लोगों को भी अपने जीवन का आधार मिल सके। अन्यथा तो कौवा भी भी अपना उदर पोषण करके जीवन पूर्ण कर ही लेता है।* हरि ॐ,प्रणाम, जय सीताराम।

न भारतीयो नववत्सरोSयं तथापि सर्वस्य शिवप्रद: स्यात् । यतो धरित्री निखिलैव माता तत: कुटुम्बायितमेव विश्वम् ।। *यद्यपि यह नव वर्ष भारतीय नहीं है। तथापि सबके लिए कल्याणप्रद हो ; क्योंकि सम्पूर्ण धरा माता ही है।*- ”माता भूमि: पुत्रोSहं पृथिव्या:” *अत एव पृथ्वी के पुत्र होने के कारण समग्र विश्व ही कुटुम्बस्वरूप है।* पाश्चातनववर्षस्यहार्दिकाःशुभाशयाः समेषां कृते ।। ------------------------------------- स्वत्यस्तु ते कुशल्मस्तु चिरयुरस्तु॥ विद्या विवेक कृति कौशल सिद्धिरस्तु ॥ ऐश्वर्यमस्तु बलमस्तु राष्ट्रभक्ति सदास्तु॥ वन्शः सदैव भवता हि सुदिप्तोस्तु ॥ *आप सभी सदैव आनंद और, कुशल से रहे तथा दीर्घ आयु प्राप्त करें*... *विद्या, विवेक तथा कार्यकुशलता में सिद्धि प्राप्त करें,* ऐश्वर्य व बल को प्राप्त करें तथा राष्ट्र भक्ति भी सदा बनी रहे, आपका वंश सदैव तेजस्वी बना रहे.. *अंग्रेजी नव् वर्ष आगमन की पर हार्दिक बधाई एवं शुभकामनाएं* ज्योतिषाचार्य बृजेश कुमार शास्त्री

आलस्यं हि मनुष्याणां शरीरस्थो महान् रिपुः | नास्त्युद्यमसमो बन्धुः कृत्वा यं नावसीदति || Laziness is verily the great enemy residing in our body. There is no friend like hard work, doing which one doesn’t decline. *मनुष्यों के शरीर में रहने वाला आलस्य ही ( उनका ) सबसे बड़ा शत्रु होता है | परिश्रम जैसा दूसरा (हमारा )कोई अन्य मित्र नहीं होता क्योंकि परिश्रम करने वाला कभी दुखी नहीं होता |* हरि ॐ,प्रणाम, जय सीताआलस्यं हि मनुष्याणां शरीरस्थो महान् रिपुः | नास्त्युद्यमसमो बन्धुः कृत्वा यं नावसीदति || Laziness is verily the great enemy residing in our body. There is no friend like hard work, doing which one doesn’t decline. *मनुष्यों के शरीर में रहने वाला आलस्य ही ( उनका ) सबसे बड़ा शत्रु होता है | परिश्रम जैसा दूसरा (हमारा )कोई अन्य मित्र नहीं होता क्योंकि परिश्रम करने वाला कभी दुखी नहीं होता |* हरि ॐ,प्रणाम, जय सीताराम।राम।