Change ourself


Dr Maharshika Nethravalee 16th Aug 2018

Like this I am writing some related in Mahabharata. One example I send now. All are know about kuruksetra situation. *In that situation Arjuna is Enargy, n Krishna is Mind* Mind motivates to Enargy - "You have a lots of energy use it for best activities, in your inner side all are yours but you want to fight for future. Fight against bad. Remove your bad things means kouravas. Fight against your self also means. In kuruksetra opposite side all are relatives. - It is ourself Kuruksetra. In all person mind it come in every situation n discission. We have to fight n think n take a right steps. Regards DestinyNethra VALEE Regards DestinyNethra VALEE 98869 43503 Astrologer n Tarot Reader Meditation n Reki Master

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