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Why Lord Shiva is called The Tamas & He’s form is Mahakal ( in scientific manner or approach)


Vaswati Baksiddha 13th Feb 2018

Why Lord Shiva is called The Tamas & He’s form is Mahakal 

                                                                         ( in scientific manner or approach)

When we say about Tamosik in the ultimate & final sense, it is not the trigunas,Satta, Raja & Tama.  It’s the highest state beyond tri gunas. “Triguna rohitam Sarbodhi Sakhshivutam.”

It’s the great deep, great black and the great deep is so silent; it is so of nothingness; it is so with it’s center everywhere & circumference nowhere. It’s masses infinite. It’s the great darkness whose nature is absolute light & that bcs of the incomprehensibility of the whole thing. If intensified, produces the intense of light.

The great deep (Tamas) has the radiant light which conquer the death of death. That’s why Lord Shiva is Tamas, his form is Mahakal.

The Krishna bibar, the dark welling mark of creation. It draws/sucking up the whole creation.  If we take the example of a normal black hole in the center of it looking in naked singularity is a star which shines with indescribable light. The black hole is very nature of tamas. That’s why Shiva is called the black hole. He is the great crunch. He is the great tamas (darkness), which swallows up relativity, materialism, duality and makes it into the single black hole bcs the space time continuum break down.Satta (brahama), Vishnun(Rajas or may be Satta) Swallowed up into the tamas. After those light has been swallowed up, all light is swallowed up at the point of aggression. It is known as the event horizon. Brahma is white, satta is white; but if the light is swallowed up, then in the singularity of the super massive black hole, there is  a shining  star of inconceivable light, what is this light which after an infinity & intensity of compression beyond the imagination of the God’s even. Can shine for the light what must be that light. That is the light of Tamas or light of Shiva, Which is absolute darkness. Total darkness is absolute light. If at one moment time & space the sun burst of, countless sun occur.” That was scare sharp eyes to show his shadow”. Think what must be his light. 


                 Aham Nirbikalpo Nirakara Rupo, vibhutchya sarvatra sarvendriyaanam,

                   Na Chaa Sangatan Naiva Muktir Na meyah Chidananda Rupah Shivoham Shivoham.



Sourav Mukherjee

It\'s an incredible article as it reveals the depth of ideology of the ancient sages.