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Vaswati Baksiddha 01st Jul 2017

                                              Connections in horoscope to be a Lawyer  


Law is that profession, which is mainly depends on strong or influential speech. It is better to say convincing power to other. According to astrology Mercury denotes speech. If Mercury is exalted, placed in good houses as Kendra or kona, makes good relation with natural beneficial planet it becomes strong. So to become   a lawyer strength of Mercury is the first & foremost criteria. 

 We should keep in our mind that a lawyer is not only an orator but his/her speech should be logical also. Venus knows how to represent the zest materials or facts. If planet Venus makes a good relation with Mercury in the chart, natal becomes very realistic & logical spoke person in the work field of law and justice.   

Other important planet is to be a successful lawyer is Rahu. If Rahu placed in 3rd house of the chart natal becomes courageous & daredevil. We all know a lawyer always does legal fight to bring the truth in front of all & give justice to innocent. I think for such courageous deeds influence of Rahu in chart is needed.

 Now let’s come to the context of house & house lord. Tenth house of the horoscope denotes about work fields or the meeting place of natal and his environment. The sixth house is the house of litigation, 2nd house is for speech, 9th house is for polices .So when 2nd, 6th, 9th & 10th lord keeps in good relationship successful legal profession is possible.  

Next Dasa Bhukti, commonly called directional influences, must operate during the lifetime. Otherwise, prosperity will be fulfilled in dreams and thoughts.

Under the legal profession, we have two major divisions, viz, civil, criminal suits. For civil suits, Mercury must be strong preferably associated with Saturn or related to him. Rahu-Mercury association produces eminent criminal lawyers. Bcz only influence of Rahu a person becomes courageous & daredevil. Sometimes a lawyer uses false statements to win the case as well as act in diplomatic manner. Planet rahu is only the doer of such mannerism.


Strength of Sun in the horoscope & good relation between planet Sun & doer planets increase the chances to be a successful public prosecutor.

Many more connections  r mentioned in our ancient books but i mentioned few among them.



Best of luck