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kemdrum Yog

Acharya Rajesh Kaul 16th Oct 2019

Kemdrum Yog, is one of the most malicious Yog.Any Jatak having this Kemdrum yog in the horoscope is normally devoid of any one thing in life be it health, children,wife, education stability etc.This deficiency is so prominent in their life that it leads to painful experience. As per shastras the complete Kemdrum yog will be in force or exist only under the following conditions: 1) In natal chart,no planet with moon,nor any planet in the either side houses is 12th and 2nd to moon(Rahu and ketu will not be considered) 2)In the natal chart ie;Lagna Kundli no planets in the Kendra houses is in 1,4,7,10.The Sun,Rahu and ketu are not counted. 3) In natal chart,no planet aspecting the moon. If such a complete Kemdrum exists then it is observed that the jataka even if born in very well to do family will still face innumerable obstacles in his life which will lead to poverty, helplessness and sorrow.