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Rajendra Prasad NP Chaitanya 22nd May 2018


In Vedic Astrology the faith of native will assessed by the using various parameters, some of them are Maraka Sthana, Bhadaka Sthana, Dusthna etc in the Horoscope. These are all the houses decides purpose of the native’s birth. As the name indicates we can sense the negative i.e the karma individual experience in this birth. The 2nd house and 7th house is Maraka Sthana for all Lagnas. The 11th house, 9th house and 7th house becomes the Bhadaka for Chara, Sthira and Dwiswabhava Lagnas respectively. 6th,8th and 12th house becomes the Dusthna for all Lagnas. These are all fixed one of the lagna likewise there is Maraka Sthana for each planets called Marana Karaka Sthana. 1st ,3rd,6th,7th ,9th and 12th are Marana Karana Sthana for Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mars & Mercury, Rahu and Sun respectively. Ketu is not provided any Marana Karaka Sthana. When these planets posited in above position in the horoscope the native under goes problems with the planet related karakatwa, and lordship of bhava. More problems will be on lordship of bhava in which planet owns.

When Saturn posited at 1st house it effects  on the  individual overall life.

When Jupiter posited at 3rd house it effects on the interaction and relationships.

When Venus posited in 6th house which leads to lot of complications to lead a life.

When Mars posited in 7th house it leads to going against nature

When Mercury Posited in 7th house it leads to lot of obstacles to success.

When Rahu posited in 9th house it leads to  hard luck .

When Sun Posited 1n  12th house it leads to  disappearance status

To assess the results consideration of association and aspects of the other planets is a must. The above results will be experience during their Dasa and Bhukthi periods.