Effects of Rahu Transit in cancer for Leo Ascendant


Shailendra Choudhary 11th Apr 2018

Rahu transit into the sign of cancer on august 19th 2017. It enters in arshlesha nakshtra and currently it is in arshelesha nakshtra. Rahu is transiting in 12th house for leo ascendant native. This is not a very good time for leo ascendant people as rahu in 12th house will create humiliation,unnessecary expenses, hospital visits and isolation for these natives.

If lagna lord surya(sun) is placed in 12th house then effects wil be bad as rahu will cause some problems in health of a native. A small accident and unnecessary expenses.

If moon is placed in 12th house than there will mental troubles and unnessary fears. Native will not get proper sleep in this time period. 

If any planet other planet placed in 12th house except venus and ketu then effects will be bad rescpective to that planet significance.

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