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Anil Shrivastava 13th Mar 2019

Every person is born with a distinct personality or we can say that every person is special. They have their own different thoughts and separate ways to do certain things. These specialities separate people from each other. What if we can analyze these personalities with the help of astrology? Well, astrology goes wide lengths to predict the obvious and non- obvious. Here are certain types of personalities under study with the help of astrology:- 1. Aggressive: Combination of 7,8,12 in most planets indicates towards A aggressive nature in a person . Where 7 represents opposition, 8 represents quarrelsome and 12 represents negative aptitude. These sort of people are always eager to fight. This becomes a deadly combination if mars , Rahu-Ketu are in picture. Such a persons, has a very low tolerance and they react very quickly without thinking that what would be the result of their reactions as we listen some time or read in news paperes some one lost his life on a very small issue or some one shoot or commit a murder but on the other hand thus type of peoples is choosen for military or in police they work well and become very successful in their profesion . But if Venus is signifying 7,8,12 than such a person may be a rapist Depression:- The combination for depressive personalities are 2,1,6,8. Where 2 signifies families; 1 signifies self; 6 represent mental anxiety 8 is For seeing darker side of everything. If these combinations are present in majority of planets the person will only be able to see negative or dark side of everything and will remain under depression as a result and they won't able to take a decesion , always talk to discourage , cannot take a risk and always lost an opportunity Loving and Caring:- The combination for this comprises of 2,5,9,11. Such person follows the philosophy of "Family Come First". Such people are kind hearted and cares a lot about people around them. Such a person become sentimental if Jupiter or Moon is added to the combination. People with moon Sign Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and moon in ascendants are of Sentimental nature. These people gets hurt easily. Odd nature:- 1,4,6,10 is major combination for such people. Such people never communicate in right or positive perspective. Such people are tend to take any normal thing in negative perspective. If the combination is found in DBA and if the person with ascendant of Libra that its quite a possibility that they may loose the stability of their mind. If you have any question in this regard than ask it from me Astro anil Consultant at astrology