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Shailendra Choudhary 12th Jun 2018

Hello Everyone,

The topic for today is astrology and science.

Its really complicated to see Astrology as a science because in today's world people think astrology as a myth and does not control anything. More or less many people think it is as a fun and not more than that.

But there is more to astrology and its not only a believe system of people. Its actually a science!!!!

Yes u read it right its a science.Its a physics chemistry biology and mathematics of human life.

First of all most of us  just believed that astrology is a fun  tool and system of predicting human life only ..which led to believe many people that no planet can control our lives and human life is under human control and so they do no believe in astrology and consider this as a myth. Rest of the people who does actually have a faith in astrology but sometimes they got wrong predictions from astrologer and makes them a non believer.

So my point here is to  know whether astrology is a science or a myth ..u have to dwell into a ocean of Astrology and then only u can actually know whether u will find a jewel or not.

So what is astrology. The word here itself shows the meaning i.e, Astro = celestial bodies n stars and logy=logic. Which makes the definition as the logic behind the celestial bodies.(Now don't jump to compare it with human lives ..its just a logic of celestial bodies..the defention of planets)

In hindi astrology is defined by the name jyotish. Jyoti=light and ish=god or ishwar. The definition for jyotish is light which is given by the ishwar.

Now I will talk about astrology. So there is a beautiful concept in astrology.1st of all there are 12 rashis or signs in astrology and each of them have completely different characteristics. Which shows the nature of human being and different characteristics of human nature and its never only one sign sign which defines the characteristics of human beings.There are planets and planets in different sign each of them is controlling different part of human life.

I will just  talk about the one concept of astrology which is related to only rashis (signs) and the logic behind it.

So there are total 12 signs starting from Aries ,Taurus,Gemini,Cancer,Leo,Virgo,Libra,Capricorn,Aquarius,and Pisces.

Now these signs are divided in 4 category according to there characteristics.

The first group of signs are called fire signs and they have putted into Dharma trikona(triangle) and their role is to maintain dharma in society. The logic behind is also beautiful as u know the fire can only completely destroy previous things and then only new things can be generated.

The 3 signs are Aries,Leo,Sagittarius. These are the 3 signs of dharma trikona and they maintain dharma and destroys the previous dharma or which is not good for society.


The next 3 signs comes in Artha trikona where there main role is to accumulate wealth and enjoying wealth and focusing into current path. These are Taurus,Virgo,and Capricorn. So they are artha trikona which gives stability in society mainly financial stability.They are the earthy element signs.


The next 3 signs are Kama trikona and they are desire oriented and they buid new things in society.Their main work is to build new things and innovations in society they are desire oriented. Desire to achieve and buid new things.These signs are Gemini,Libra and Aquarius.These signs have airy element.


The next signs are moksha trikona. These are are full of emotions and they are caring and protective toward the people they love. Their main focus is to look for the other people emotions and to help them and guide them. These signs have water element.They are Cancer,Scorpio and Pisces.


Now in astrology these are the 4 groups of signs which are divided into category of FIRE,EARTH,AIR and WATER. The 4 main essentials things for human life to sustain and live.

The beautiful thing is that certain category of sign support each other.

Fire sign will always has a opposite sign of air. And Air signs will always have an opposite sign of fire. Same way earth will have an opposite sign of water and water will have an opposite sign of earth. For example , aries ascendant will always have libra in 7th house(180 degree opposite.)

And this is very logical also as without air fire can not sustain and without fire air can not rise.

likewise,water can only be hold by some earthy entity and to calm down the heat of earth water is necessary.

Astrology has many more logic like this and it is a very vast science,it will take years to understand it but it not a myth!!!its a science!!!

Thank you :)