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Gurvinder Singh 19th Nov 2018

Karaka of courage, younger brother, sta-mina, immovable property, diseases, ene-mies, blood, surgery, science, logic, lands, fire, defence, mathematics, step-mother, passions, anger, hatred, violence, sins, vindictiveness, lewdness, sudden death murders, accidents, poverty, bravery, fires of ambition, force, muscles, wounds, foes.


Professions:  Police, military, medical, surgery, involving instruments, armament, chemist, geology, engineering, dairy-jobs, jail, cooking, hunting, circus, thieving, barber, metal trade, butcher, weapons, lands, sports, property dealer, dentist, baker, fire-man, furnace, athletes, Commander of army, archery


Mars in signs


Aries: An urge to take initiative, determined to achieve success, lacks consideration for others, aggressive, bold and courageous, organizer and sensual capability, attractive speech.


Taurus: A capacity for hard work, deep reserves of strength, slow but practical, obstinate, prejudiced views, sensual, not soft hearted.


Gemini: Mentally assertive and competitive, trouble shooter, bitingly witty, loves his family, scientific mind, quick, rash, fond of music and going to other countries.


Cancer: Lacks self control, moody, repressed anger, intelligent, fond of travels, weak mind and constitution medical proficiency, speculative. 


Leo: Tirelessly and consistently enterprising, generous, liberal, self-confident, tremendous vitality and passion, noble, tendency for self importance and vanity, regard for elders and preceptors, combative. 


Virgo: Cautious, methodical, analytical, precise, highly strung, moralistic, self-confident, conceited, ceremonial minded, pretentious.


Libra: Able to act strategically but over dependent on other’s support and views, indecisive, materialistic, business-like, fond of adulation, boastful, unhappy in marriage.


Scorpio: Power conscious, holds grudges, overbearing with others emotionally and sexually, firm minded, secretive, proud, haughty, tenacious memory, highly sinful.


Sagittarius:Pleasure loving, crafty conservative, frank, exacting, has loving, intelligent and devoted wife


Capricorn: Meticulous planning, realistic ambitions, decisive and result oriented actions, persevering, exploitative, tactful, respected, influential, acquires high position.


Aquarius: Unorthodox methods, needs to act rationally, acts in own way, concern for society, combative, controversial, quick in forgiving and forgetting, harsh, unkind, untruthful.


Pisces: restless, works behind  scenes, dormant attitude to aims, avoids confrontations, disrespectful escapist, antagonistic, passionate.