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Health counselling in Vaidic astrology

Dhirendra Kumar Tiwari 20th Dec 2018

Today we are going to discuss is very important topic that is health. Because it is said health is wealth. we are going to see how to keep a good health... for health firstly we see the first house. first house is our complete party what is your physical appearance. how your body shape how it will be size it all depends on 1st house...In first house we see three things. fast things its sign which lord it is and third the sun position... first house is complete body as well as part of your head. so for good health fast house should not be occupied by any malefic planet.And first House Lord should not be placed in 6,8 and 12 houses..So first house first lord and sun planet is very important because send it vitality human eating and white blood cells moon is mood how your mood is then you are keeping your body accordingly.

         Marsh is RBC and blood.. which is very important for body to get oxygen  haemoglobin contains iron and masscontains ions  mercury is nervous system  basically mercury means your application of mind .. so this  mercury is important for memory.. Jupiter is important for fat and protein.So all muscles are under control of Jupiter..Jupiter also represents proteins so all growing cells are under control of Jupiter... Venus contains all the glands and sperms ..  so venous is very very important in medical vedic astrology especially pancreas gland is associated with  venous.. so diabetes which is major disease is also associated with Venus.. Saturn is related with all the waist material of body ...thats is hair and also joints ... Rahu main control for our nervous system... Because Rahu is directly nature and our senses are also control by nature... Ketu planet is for nervous system joining with Mercury ..so among all planet which is debilitated combust  not in the power and combusted it then the person will affected with that related health issues.. 

As we know Mars is for blood whatever food we eat is does not go direct to the blood a dilute in the blood..It has vitamins proteins carbohydrates like components and blood circulate in entire body ..that why  we called marsh the planet for diseases..In the next part we will see planetary human anatomy if you see first house is head eyes nose..  second house is your throat mouth teeth  ..third house is your arm and chest.4th is belly and stomach.. 6 house is liver and intestine .7th Libra for sexual organs ...hips in all comes under 8th ..9th house represents thigh.. 10th house Capricorn represent foot joints..calf muscles at 11th house for Aquarius sign... 12 houses for  soul fingers ..so which houses planet not placed well which organ house is occupied by malefic planet that related organs created deficiency ...in next article I will try to cure or precautions from disease with your diet..  you may  take counseling by me(Pt.Dhirendra kumar Tiwari ) about life subjects  love marriage  career health  peace and spiritual harmony  on futurestudyonline.com.......