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Various Deeksha Camp

Astro Swami Atmo Vishwas Mahesh Chandra Purohit 03rd Jun 2019



Rs. 21000

USD 3000

The Diksha camp will be held twice a year.The seeker can participate in any one camp. Information will be given at the time and place fixed. The duration of the camp will be five days. Time will be notified when decided. In the initiation ceremony, the seeker has to be personally present. Health certificate of good health should be sent in advance. Only healthy people will be given initiation. The appropriate eligible person will be notified. During the initiation ceremony, the instructions of the master should follow. Only one type of initiation will be given to a seeker. Success of initiation will depend on the seeker's curiosity, karma and spiritual status. After depositing the appropriate and fixed fees, the seeker will be informed. Seekers will be initiated collectively The seeker can organize the initiation camps on personal arrangements and expenses. He has to pay the fees separately. It is necessary to have complete faith in the initiation ceremony. The charge of organizing the initiation individually is negotiable.

Bagalamukhi Deeksha, Matangi Deeksha, Tripura Sundari Deeksha, Mahamrityunjay Deeksha, Shatchandi Vidhan Deeksha, Kundalini Deeksha, Meditation etc.

No books.

5 days

November or April.