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Vaswati Baksiddha 26th Oct 2017


Sarurn finally entered in the ninth sigh of zodiac Sagittarius.

Now Saturn in Jupiter owned sign Sagittarius is contraction versus expansion in motion.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, we crave knowledge, wisdom & life experience & it’s meaning, but it will take some time to get their authentication. Saturn seems to slow thing down to near-stall & this can be agonizing if we are impatient by nature or if we want instant result.


One thing we should bore in our mind that Saturn delivers result according to previous deeds of our past & present life. It tests our moral sense. Saturn developed persons, it brings truth, charity, a power of meditation, sincere & hardworking. So don’t worry everything in this world has some good purpose.



Now let’s have a look how the natives of all signs will be affected by on the transition of Saturn in Sagittarius.  It’s a generalized analysis.


Aries:         Saturn transits in your ninth house. There is a chance of new job & profession however

                    tension about your father’s health.


Taurus:      Sudden wealth & growth in business. Obituary from relatives. 


Gemini:     There may be problem in relationship with your spouse. Family related problems may arise or

                   better to say separation in joint - family.


Cancer:     Take care of legs, hips, , thighs or ligament. Chances for hospitalization. Time of hardworking.


Leo       :    There may be the problem with children. Business prospect & professional growth are seen.


Virgo:        It may bring some favorable home circumstances or obstacle in education.


Libra:        Saturn is lucky lord for Libra ascendant. A suitable change is expected. Chances of break-up

                 & new relation.

Scorpion: Relax!!! Take a deep breath. The transition may make you extremely busy till two & half years.


Sagittarius:  Oh! Sagi hit the gym or practice particular Yoga or Aasana suitable for your body. High time for spiritual practice.


Capricorn:  This transaction is not favorable for you. You may faces losses & accidents.


Aquarius:  Most beneficial transition for you. Feel happy & jovial. You may get a promotion in your jobs.


Pieces:      Good time for relocation. You may have an extremely busy schedule after this aspect.


This is a general analysis, result may vary person to person. To get exact result personal chart should be judged.