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PITRA DOSHA – Causes, Problems, Identification and Remedies by Jyotish Acharya Vishnuprasad

Vishnuprasad Mallya 09th Nov 2017

PITRA DOSHA – Causes, Problems, Identification and Remedies by Jyotish Acharya Vishnuprasad

Causes of Pitra Dosha:- Death in womb, Death without marriage, accidental death, or any wish pending at the time of Death which he / she was not able to tell to anyone, Or Crying due to Critical Situation which means no satisfaction, Not performing shraddha of Ancestors.

We often find that in spite of our best efforts, we do not succeed in our efforts. We do our best and still are perplexed to find that there are unavoidable obstacles at the time of accomplishment of our work and as a result we are unable to reach our goal, in the last moment.

People may face any of the following problems due to the presence of Pitra Dosha: Problems

1.   Obstacles in education and delay in growth of career

2.   Accidents or sudden deaths in the family.

3.   Disputes in the family.

4.   Never ending poverty.

5.   People always remain under debts and are unable to clear their debts despite of all their best efforts.

Planets & House showing Pitra Dosha

1. Sun is placed with Rahu, in 5th house.

2. Sun is placed with Rahu in 9th house.

3. Rahu is placed in 5th house.

4. Rahu is placed in 9th house.

5. Rahu is posited in 2nd house

6. Rahul is posited in 11th House with Shani.


Remedies for Pitra Dosha

  1. Perform Shraddha on the Death tithi in pitrupaksha / if you know the exact month and tithi then perform on that day.
  2. Donate food items in religious place on Amavasya / Poornima.
  3. Water Daily to Banyan Tree.
  4. Put Boiled Rice to Crow everyday / on Saturday.
  5. The Peepal tree is considered a sacred tree as per Indian traditions and on the auspicious day of Somvati Amavasya, A parikrama around the tree is also performed 108 times, with offerings of milk, sandal-paste, flowers and sweets being offered. Devotees sit under the peepal tree and chant mantras Om Namo Bhagvate vasudevay Namah to please the Almighty.


Somvati Amasaya is an Amavasya which falls on Monday.