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Saraswati- Iconographic Symbolism


Vaswati Baksiddha 22nd Jan 2018

Saraswati- Iconographic  Symbolism


Devi Saraswati ; the consort of lord Brahma is worshiped to fertile knowledge, speech, learning arts etc. 


Saraswati's female form demonstrates the great respest & recognition that women held in the vedic tradition. She extols tolerance as well as moral & spiritual strength. 


Her white complexion & garments point to her absolute purity. Her 4 arms represent the 4 directions, giving the notion that saraswati is all- pervading. The front arms relate to the manifest world while subjective world the back arms. Four aspects of personality the mana, the budhdhi, the chitta and the ahankara are demonstrate by her. 


The book in the left hand symbolizes that acquisition & application of knowledge should be controlled by the softer side of the human personality. 


The rosary symbolizes concentration, meditation, way to union with god. 


The swan demonstrates the discrimination between right & wrong. 


The white lotus represents supreme knowledge in activity. It is a symbol of evolution & detachment. 


The veena points to the collective sound of all our thoughts and actions as it is manifest as music in the Cosmic universe. It marks the withdrawal of senses & the focus needed to attain knowledge. 


Vasant Panchami day is dedicated to devi saraswati. Vasant panchami is also known as Sreepanchmi. 


Puja Muhurto of this year's Saraswati puja and Vasant Panchami is given below: 

This year Vasant Panchami will celebrate From 29 th January 10: 45  to  30th January 13 : 29 p.m.


06 : 22 to 11 : 48 a.m. =  (5 hrs 25 mins )


Tithi Begins. - 15 : 33 p.m on 21st January 


Tithi Ends.    -  16 : 24 p.m. on 22nd January 


Best wishes to all for Saraswati Puja and Vasant Panchami.