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Shailendra Choudhary 15th Jun 2018

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Hello Everyone,

Most of you have been knowing astrology. So there is currently 3 planetary conjunction happening on 15th June 2018. Sun-the main ruling planet in astrology which represent our soul. Moon-the second main important planet in astrology which represent our mind and mental health. And Mercury the most logical,practical and communicative planet in astrology. These three planets are in conjunction in the sign of Gemini on 15th June 2018. 


Sun and Moon are luminaries which means they are the main light giving planets which helps people on earth in day and nights. Moon shines with the light of sun. These are the very important planets in astrology and they gives the characteristics of a person's nature and livelihood. With Sun and Moon the soul and mind is defined of a person. When Sun and moon comes in conjunction the Moon loses its strength and moon can not shine on that day because it is with sun, so moon light does not appear on that day and no moon day occurs which is also called amavasya. So  moon does not have power and it burns with the sun light and unable to shine. (moon shines fully when it is completely opposite to sun when  full moon day occurs). 


On sun moon conjunction mind does not work with its full capacity and mind becomes weakens. Power of sun is increased and the desire of soul in seen with strength and the capacity of mind becomes weak. So on these days person takes decision according to their soul.

With this particular conjunction in the sign of gemini shows that people around the world are going to communicate with their souls. Expressing the feelings, comfort , past, present and future desires of their soul. Because they are in conjunction in the sign of gemini showing the lots of communication and reasoning will be there and people around will be expressing their desire of soul without applying their mind.


With mercury, the ruler of gemini, joining these planet's in  3 planetary conjunction, will enhance the communication and marketing things. Good logical and practical communications may happen. During this time mercury will also pass through arudra nakshatra with moon and sun passing the same arudra nakshatra may create some hard communications and some destruction through nature. Mercury being the enemy of moon and friend of sun will enhance the sun or soul desires and weaken the moon or mind capacity to think of the current situation. People are going to be communicative with their soul and not applying the mind for the current situations.

Its is a very good time to make new friendships via communication and learning new things. GEMINI , VIRGO AND PISCES  ascendant will have a very good time.