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Root chakra

Astro Shaliini Malhotra 18th Nov 2017

Physical Symptoms that Depicts Root Chakra is Blocked:


Lower back pain

Pain in feet, legs and in all parts that flows down from the lower back till the toes.

Kidney infections and various kidney related issues

Tumors or polyps in the rectal area

Blockages seen in various parts of the body.

Anemia, cancer, heart diseases etc can arise along with gynaecological problems and arthritis.

Circulatory and reproductive health issues

Bladder irritation etc

Other Signs and Symptoms of a Blocked Root Chakra:


Here below are some other important signs and symptoms of a blocked Root chakra.

You experience confusion, distraction and get disconnected from the world

You meet with fear and insecurity

Depression and anxiety are commonly seen

Addictive behaviour.

Lack of self esteem, lack or interest in being, laziness etc. in case the Root chakra is under active

In case the root chakra is over active, the person might be aggressive, impatient, irritable and may encounter an unnatural or abnormal sex or sexual behaviour in him/her.