Saturn Transit in Sagittarius results By Jyotish Acharya Vishnuprasad Mallya


Vishnuprasad Mallya 06th Nov 2017

26th October 2017, Saturn Transit in Sagittarius results By Jyotish Acharya Vishnuprasad Mallya

With the start of the year, Saturn will be in Scorpio, and then start its journey towards Sagittarius from Thursday, 26th October. Thereafter reaching near to Sun, it will become combust on Monday, 4th December and remain in same position till Monday, 8th January, 2018. Let’s see how the ruler of Karma will impact us:-

Know how your year 2017 will be from your Moon Sign.


Saturn is the 10th and 11th house lord of Aries natives, which symbolises profession, karma, income, gains, and achievements specifically. The Saturn transit in 9th house from your moon sign predicts that your career might be off to a slow start. You’ll start facing difficulties and tensions at your work place, which might distress you. Till June your career will rise slowly. Keep your efforts and hard work going, Younger siblings might have to face some issues this year. It’s advisable that you keep your temper in check. Your enemies will have a hard time coping up with you in this period, which will give you an upper hand.

Remedy: Feed ghee roti to a black cow.


Saturn is the 9th and 10th house lord of Taurus, which signifies fame, fortune, karma, and profession. This year the Saturn Transit in 8th house from your moon sign predicts health ailments for your father. It’s advised that you take proper care of your family and their health. Chances of relationships turning sour are high in this duration. Health needs your attention; chances of contracting a chronic disease are there. You’ll have to work hard to manage your relations, be it with your family, friends or your children, you’ll have to risk it all this year. Career wise, June to October will be great, as Saturn will move back to the 7th house from your moon sign. You’ll have ample of growth and outsourcing opportunities. After this period, you might experience a sudden drop which could create hurdles for you, due to the planet moving back to the 8th house from your moon sign.

Remedy: Donate Black Clothes, Black Sesame etc. to needy peoples.


The planet Saturn rules your 8th and 9th house which stands for major transformation, longevity & 9th house which symbolises fame and fortune. The planet, Saturn will transit in your 7th house from your moon sign, hence this year would yield you mixed results. You’ll achieve fame and glory this year with your continuous efforts at work, there will be some troubles in your marital life. Saturn will move back to the 6th house from your moon sign in the period starting from June to October. This duration will be very auspicious for you as legal disputes, if any will come in your favour. Later, by the end of October, the planet will move back to the 7th house from your moon sign, which will bring fortune in your life. The transit in 2017 year brings good news for you from all aspects of life. Also change of Location is possible in terms of jobs, Success will find its way towards you. Mother’s health might decline but with proper rest and precautions she’ll get better soon.

Remedy: Wear a ring made from Ship nail / Horse shoe in your middle finger.


Planet Saturn governs 7th house which signifies spouse and partnerships and 8th house which stands for major changes and longevity. Saturn transit in 6th house from your moon sign; this indicates that you might face some issues with family. Arguments might arise between you and your partner; if not taken care of they might escalate into something big. The planet Saturn will transit in the 5th house from your moon sign during the months of June- October. Your child might also suffer from some minor health ailments. You’ll face obstacle and hurdles in your education. By the end of October, Saturn will move back to the 6th house from your moon sign. In this period, Legal disputes are also possible during the transit, but in the end you’ll come out victorious. You might contract a chronic disease in this duration, so keep yourself safe. This year you might also consider going on an overseas trip or an extended vacation to rest your mind.

Remedy: Feed seven types of grains and pulses to birds to boost your career.


Saturn rules your 6th house which signifies struggle, enemies, and diseases & 7th house which stands for spouse and partnerships. Saturn will reside in the 5th house from your moon sign. People who are already in love will consider going for a love marriage this year, there will be some hurdles. Your beloved will be in a blissful mood throughout the year. Love will blossom between you two and although a little intimidating but you’ll feel yourself more in love with each other with every passing day. At work, your income will increase and you’ll earn fame and glory. With your ego on an all-time high, you might consider changing your job or workplace. Make good use of your financial management prowess this year. Loans taken will be repaid in this duration and you’ll feel lighter by the year end.

Remedy: Light a Sarson ka tel ka diya under a peepal tree.


Saturn, being the 5th house lord symbolises education and children & 6th house lord which signifies struggle, disease, and enemies. Saturn will enter the 4th house from your moon sign. Chances are that you might consider changing your current residence and relocate somewhere new. You might get short tempered and lose your temper over someone. Keep your mental peace intact and do not indulge in anything that harms your inner peace. Property related disputes can also arise. With a lot of work pressure, you might not pay much attention to your health. It’s advised that you take proper rest and maintain at least 8 hours of sleep daily. By the end of October, Saturn will move to the 4th house from your moon sign. Your career will improve, but in order to reap results, you’ll have to work a lot harder than usual. Accident or damage to legs are possible.

Remedy: Offer sindoor (vermillion) to Lord Hanuman every Saturday.




The teacher planet governs your 4th house which signifies mother, vehicle and, happiness & 5th house which stands for education and children. Saturn is also the Yoga karaka planet, which emphasises its importance more in your life. Saturn will transit in your 3rd house from the moon sign. Your determination would increase, and you’ll be inclined towards achieving greater things in life. This period indicates suffering of younger siblings. Chances are that this Saturn movement would hamper your mental stability. A short or a long distance trip is possible for some. Property gains can be expected in this period. By the October end, Saturn will move back to the 3rd house from your moon sign. An extended trip might prove to be beneficial and bring you monetary gains. Increase in your daily expense will trouble you. Although your income will increase, better financial management is required from you. Plan your expenditure according to your income and savings. For all those who have been eyeing for an opportunity to go for higher studies, the time has come. You’ll have ample of opportunities this year which if taken up quickly, will produce you brilliant results.

Remedy: Offer Jaggery to monkeys and roti to black dogs on Saturday.


The planet Saturn governs your 3rd house which stands for siblings, efforts, and communication & 4th house which symbolises mother, vehicle, and happiness. Saturn will transit in the 2nd house from your moon sign. Family life might be a little disturbed due to this. Arguments will take place in your relations, Chances of you staying away from your family are high this year, your efforts at work will yield lucrative results; income will increase. Hard work will bring you good results, which would make you rejoice your life again. Opportunities to achieve something big will knock at door and you’ll grab them. New work related options will erupt and you’ll be inclined to try them out. Saturn will move in your moon sign in June, which would increase mental stress. Health might decline; it is advised that you take proper care of yourself and the people around you. Eat a balanced and healthy diet. Fruits and vegetables must be an important part of your diet. Go for jogging or brisk walking regularly to keep yourself in shape.

Remedy: Serve leprosy patients as possible.


The taskmaster planet, Saturn, is the 2nd Lord which stands for wealth, family, and speech, and 3rd house lord which symbolises siblings, efforts and communication. Saturn will transit in your moon sign, which would be highly impactful. This period won’t be easy for you, as it’ll give birth to mental unrest and anxiety. Any health issue that you previously treated as minor should not be avoided and be taken seriously. Your health might decline in this duration so it’s advised that you take proper care of yourself and do not take even the slightest of fever lightly. This transit period indicates that your siblings will prosper and flourish. You will likely feel proud of their achievements. Keep your tongue tied and emotions involved while having a conversation with your beloved. It’s important that you value your partner and respect their feelings. Health of your partner might decline in this duration. By the end of October, Saturn will again transit in your moon sign. Work related stress might make you feel triggered; keep your mind intact and intent on achieving high. You will need to have a more domineering approach towards your vocation. Being attached to your work is alright, but becoming a workaholic might hamper your peace of mind.

Remedy: Avoid alcohol and non-veg foods.


The planet Saturn is the Ascendant lord, symbolising character, personality, and longevity & 2nd house lord which stands for wealth, immediate family, and speech. Transit of Saturn in the 12th house from your moon sign, indicates that some losses are likely. You’ll spend lavishly this year which might increase your losses or maybe manifold it for some. Going for an overseas trip or to a foreign land is highly likely to happen, as per the predictions of Saturn movement this year, Health might create some problems for you. Your long awaited wish might get fulfilled. Your expenditure will exceed your earning this year which will be troublesome. Feeling of solidarity might trigger some. Success will knock at your door from either foreign lands or from hospitals. Take care of your father and arguments with superiors / bosses is possible, also loss of job is expected. Legal issues or disputes might create some hurdles for you.

Remedy: Chant Hanuman Chalisa / Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, while floating 11 coconut with husks in running water on Saturday.


The ruler of Karma, planet Saturn is the 12th lord, symbolising expenses, losses, hospitals, bed comforts and Ascendant Lord of the sign, Aquarius, which symbolises character, personality, and longevity. Saturn will move to the 11th house from your moon sign. A steady rise in income is predicted, according to the transit in 2017. Chances of getting many opportunities at work are at an all-time high. The life that you dreamed of might turn into a reality this year. You will earn tremendously. Despite of earning well, the Saturn transit advised that you keep tabs on your expenditure. This is the best time for you to put your skills to the best use, as in October the planet Saturn will transit in the 11th house from your moon sign, which would be an important period for you, as all your acclaimed skills would reap your beneficiary results in this duration. The health of your elder sibling might suffer. Although you’ll be in top shape. Maintain a balanced and healthy diet to remain in the best health possible. Any past ailment that you’ve been suffering from will heal and you’ll recover from it. Your education and or children might be a stressful issue for you. Love relations might not be fruitful in this period. Due to all the stress that might go on in your life, it’s advised that you start practicing meditation and yoga to ease your mind and body.

Remedy: Download File

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यस्मिन् जीवति जीवन्ति बहव: स तु जीवति | काकोऽपि किं न कुरूते चञ्च्वा स्वोदरपूरणम् || If the 'living' of a person results in 'living' of many other persons, only then consider that person to have really 'lived'. Look even the crow fill it's own stomach by it's beak!! (There is nothing great in working for our own survival) I am not finding any proper adjective to describe how good this suBAshit is! The suBAshitkAr has hit at very basic question. What are all the humans doing ultimately? Working to feed themselves (and their family). So even a bird like crow does this! Infact there need not be any more explanation to tell what this suBAshit implies! Just the suBAshit is sufficient!! *जिसके जीने से कई लोग जीते हैं, वह जीया कहलाता है, अन्यथा क्या कौआ भी चोंच से अपना पेट नहीं भरता* ? *अर्थात- व्यक्ति का जीवन तभी सार्थक है जब उसके जीवन से अन्य लोगों को भी अपने जीवन का आधार मिल सके। अन्यथा तो कौवा भी भी अपना उदर पोषण करके जीवन पूर्ण कर ही लेता है।* हरि ॐ,प्रणाम, जय सीताराम।

न भारतीयो नववत्सरोSयं तथापि सर्वस्य शिवप्रद: स्यात् । यतो धरित्री निखिलैव माता तत: कुटुम्बायितमेव विश्वम् ।। *यद्यपि यह नव वर्ष भारतीय नहीं है। तथापि सबके लिए कल्याणप्रद हो ; क्योंकि सम्पूर्ण धरा माता ही है।*- ”माता भूमि: पुत्रोSहं पृथिव्या:” *अत एव पृथ्वी के पुत्र होने के कारण समग्र विश्व ही कुटुम्बस्वरूप है।* पाश्चातनववर्षस्यहार्दिकाःशुभाशयाः समेषां कृते ।। ------------------------------------- स्वत्यस्तु ते कुशल्मस्तु चिरयुरस्तु॥ विद्या विवेक कृति कौशल सिद्धिरस्तु ॥ ऐश्वर्यमस्तु बलमस्तु राष्ट्रभक्ति सदास्तु॥ वन्शः सदैव भवता हि सुदिप्तोस्तु ॥ *आप सभी सदैव आनंद और, कुशल से रहे तथा दीर्घ आयु प्राप्त करें*... *विद्या, विवेक तथा कार्यकुशलता में सिद्धि प्राप्त करें,* ऐश्वर्य व बल को प्राप्त करें तथा राष्ट्र भक्ति भी सदा बनी रहे, आपका वंश सदैव तेजस्वी बना रहे.. *अंग्रेजी नव् वर्ष आगमन की पर हार्दिक बधाई एवं शुभकामनाएं* ज्योतिषाचार्य बृजेश कुमार शास्त्री

आलस्यं हि मनुष्याणां शरीरस्थो महान् रिपुः | नास्त्युद्यमसमो बन्धुः कृत्वा यं नावसीदति || Laziness is verily the great enemy residing in our body. There is no friend like hard work, doing which one doesn’t decline. *मनुष्यों के शरीर में रहने वाला आलस्य ही ( उनका ) सबसे बड़ा शत्रु होता है | परिश्रम जैसा दूसरा (हमारा )कोई अन्य मित्र नहीं होता क्योंकि परिश्रम करने वाला कभी दुखी नहीं होता |* हरि ॐ,प्रणाम, जय सीताआलस्यं हि मनुष्याणां शरीरस्थो महान् रिपुः | नास्त्युद्यमसमो बन्धुः कृत्वा यं नावसीदति || Laziness is verily the great enemy residing in our body. There is no friend like hard work, doing which one doesn’t decline. *मनुष्यों के शरीर में रहने वाला आलस्य ही ( उनका ) सबसे बड़ा शत्रु होता है | परिश्रम जैसा दूसरा (हमारा )कोई अन्य मित्र नहीं होता क्योंकि परिश्रम करने वाला कभी दुखी नहीं होता |* हरि ॐ,प्रणाम, जय सीताराम।राम।