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Rajendra Prasad NP Chaitanya 27th May 2018


Moon is an important planet in solar Family. She plays a very important role in our life. Moon mainly represents the mind of the individuals. Mind is in complex nature difficult to understand by anyone. It changes like a Water i.e taking different shapes how one use it. It changes like Air i.e carry smell which is good or bad. It changes like Earth i.e depends on seasons earth changes it looks. It is like a Fire i.e it  can be used for good or bad cause. It is like Akash i.e sometimes it is clear, sometime covered with clouds. So mind changes according to situation which leads change in taught process of an individual.

By Considering Moon position in horoscope we can know the Sign and Star of native. The Moon positioned Sign plays an important role to decide the nature of person. According to our sages Parasara and Varahamihira Moon in different Sign and their results are observed. The following are important points, which helps individual how to plan their activities to be successful in their undertaking works.

According to our sages when anyone associated with Moon posited in Aries one should not give reply at any time i.e when someone approached moon in Aries, should avoid reply immediately but should know the  pros and corns of communication before itself. When Moon in Taurus sign should not trusted at any time. One should avoid the association for any work at the resident of the person who’s Moon in Gemini Sign. One should careful when consulting the native Moon in Cancer. Strictly follow required formalities are must. Should avoid the conquering the native Moon in Leo. Avoid the native with Moon in Virgo for unwanted fraudulent activities. The native with Moon in Libra to be avoid for business partnership association. The native with Moon in Scorpio should handled very carefully, avoid unnecessary communications. Avoid to takes the help in fighting situation with the native’s Moon in Sagittarius sign. Have a pleasant mind when communicate Moon in Capricorn or avoid building the relationship. When Moon in Aquarius sign one should never be removed from the place occupied by him. A native with Moon in Pisces sign should not be posted at place where things are given in charity.

Our sages information helps to understand the nature of persons for healthy communication which lead us for success.