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Maharaj Vishnu Shastri 09th Jun 2017

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In your natal chart, there are 12 houses, and each house not only represents a different area of life and your personality, but also all of the different people in your life. This is handy if you don’t have any birth information for someone and want to figure out what’s going to happen for them in their life. Just look at your own chart!

So, which houses represent people in your life? Read on:


1st house: grandparents (the parents of your 10th house parent

3rd house: your siblings, cousins, neighbors

4th house: one of your parents (the one who is more dominant in your life)

5th house: your children, the person you’re dating (not living with, engaged to, or married to), the spouse/significant other of your friends

6th house: co-workers, employees, the siblings of your 4th house parent (your aunts/uncles)

7th house: your spouse/significant other (living with, engaged, married), grandparents (the parents of your 4th house parent), the boyfriend/girlfriend of your siblings (not living with, engaged to, or married to), the children of your siblings (your nieces and nephews)

8th house: your business partner(s)

9th house: your in-laws, step-children, the spouse/significant other of your siblings (living with, engaged to, or married to)

10th house: one of your parents (the lesser dominant parent), your bosses, mentors

11th house: your friends

So you can just look at the sign on the cusp and any planets in the house in your natal chart representing the person, and use that as the 1st house cusp for that person. Then the rest of the houses fall just like a natal chart, and correspond to the various aspects of their life. For example, let’s say your brother wants to move. You’d use your 3rd house as his 1st house, and your 6th house as his 4th house, which rules the home, real estate, and moving. If you wanted to check your spouse’s health, you’d use your 7th house as their 1st house, and your 12th house as their 6th house, which rules health.

You can treat these houses just like you would in your own chart for yourself, looking at aspects to the houses cusps and house rulers. You can also reverse this if you don’t have a time of birth but people that you’re close to do, and can use their charts as a way of tracking transits for yourself. You just assign yourself to the correct house of their chart (so if it’s your friend, your 1st house is their 11th house; if it’s your sibling, your 1st house is their 3rd house; if it’s your co-worker, your 1st house is their 6th house, etc.).

The planets also represent various people in your life. The Moon is your mother while Saturn is your father, Mercury rules your siblings, cousins, neighbors, and co-workers, and the Sun rules your children. Venus is your spouse/significant other, Jupiter is your in-laws and step-children, and Uranus rules your friends. You can look at not only your houses to gain insight into the people in your life, but the planet that rules them as well.