Anagarak Dosha is one of the most inauspicios dosha in vedic astrology. It is a devastaive dosha too. This dosh can minimise the result of astrology.

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Anagarak Dosha


Vaswati Baksiddha 22nd May 2020

Anagarak Dosha


May 14, 2020 Thursday at 02:24 p.m. planet Mars transited into Shatabisha Nakshatra. It will remain in Shatabisha till June 3rd 2020, at 10:30 a.m.


Now ascending node or Rahu is in Mrigashira star. It is a nakshatra exchanging Anagarak yoga. This yoga is very inauspicious.

Conflict, dispute, violence , has to be experienced everywhere. Even there will be mundane disasters too. How much destructive this yoga is , we have experienced recently through the disaster of the cyclone Umpan.

Star exchanging between two planets & position of those planets are in Airy signs ( Aquarius and Gemini) was caused of manifestation of that devastating cyclone. And how much impact that celestial phenomena keeps we saw recently ( yesterday 20th May 2020) .


Possibility of happening more destructive incidents in the sector of national transport print / electronic media, stock exchange, national desire etc.


Hence keep yourself quite, controling your rage. To maintain world peace abstain yourself from ghastly activities.


But some positive effects are also expected from this yoga. One of them is development in the research work on covit -19 vaccine .


In the name of God

Achariya Vaswati