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Effects of MARS in Capricorn

Vijay Kumar Harsh 06th May 2018

In General effects of mars as under:-

1. Major administrative changes in Govt.departments.

2. Per-motion in Job,slection in interview.

3.Benificial for Stone,mines,construction business persons.

4.Plot/Flat/New house/reconstruction of old house,land sale & gain money,agriculture land purchase .

5.Negative effects are sudden accident,disaster,strom,dispute on border,aggressiveness in human nature.

For individual effects according to yours birth chart the position of mars & its concerning houses in relate to transist position of mars.So for that call to me  via www.futurestudyonline.com procedure.

By :- Er Vijay Kumar Harsh

Professional Astrologer

Jyotish Visharad,Jyotish Marthand (Gold Medalist)