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Mars-Rahu Yoga in Transit 2019 for Individuals on Different Levels


JyotishVisharad Bhushan Ratnakar 26th May 2019

There are twelve houses in a horoscope and there are twelve signs in all. It means that the probability of Mars being placed with Rahu or Ketu in a particular house or in a particular sign is 2 out 12.It means every second person on this earth is suffering from Angarak Yoga.

In Present Transit, Mars and Rahu is combined in Gemini which is exalted sign for Rahu but enemy sign for Mars. Considering the possible combinations of Mars with Rahu, there may broadly be four such combinations. 1. A combination of positive Mars and positive Rahu; 2. A combination of positive Mars and negative Rahu; 3. A combination of negative Mars with positive Rahu or 4. A combination of negative Mars and negative Rahu may form in a horoscope.

Hence, Whenever these two planets are joined by placement or aspect ( particularly 5/7/9 th aspect ( drusti), the Angarak Yoga/Dosha is formed.

What is Angarak dosha?♨️♨️

Angarak dosha is formed when Rahu/'Ketu and Mars conjunct in any house in the kundali. This dosha gives its adverse and harmful effects when the position of Rahu/'Ketu and Mars is malefic in the natal chart. Even if Mars and Rahu/Ketu are having 5th or 9th aspect this dosha is called to be formed in an individual's kundali. Mars and Rahu both are malefic planets, therefore both of them meeting is itself a big dosha. In "angarak dosha", angarak denotes fire which is the nature of mars. Similarly the native suffer from heat and aggression.

Looking at these combinations of Mars and Rahu; only two out of these four combinations may form Angarak Yoga and these two combinations are positive Mars with negative Rahu; and negative Mars with negative Rahu. The remaining two combinations which are positive Mars with positive Rahu and negative Mars with positive Rahu may not result in the formation of Angarak Yoga in the main horoscope or in 5he present transit kundali of individual.

The net strength of Angarak Yoga should be checked in a horoscope before reaching any conclusions about this Yog. Hence, the influence of other good and bad planets on this Yog should be analyzed carefully.

Negative Impact of Angarak Yoga: ♨️🌠

# Anagarak yoga is responsible for the accident.
# It is also causes chronic diseases. 
# Due to this dosha person suffers from evil eye effects. 
# Black magic also makes impact on the person easily having angarak yoga in kundli or horoscope. 
# Some time this yoga make impact on business. A healthy business get collapsed due to negative impact of this yoga. 
# Some time it is also seen that problem in marriage life come. 
# Student some times unable to concentrate his or her mind in studies. 
# Medicines doesn't work on persons.  Person become depressed, short tempered, cantankerous or spiky.

Situation in Present Transit:

Postive Side:
At Present, Positive Rahu proves good for all natives and makes him/her ambitious.  Hence Angarak Yoga should not be considered formed( in gochar kundali) in a horoscope, merely due to the combination of Rahu with Mars.

This Rahu Mars Conjunction gives tremendous amount of energy both physically and mentally. Due to this massive amount of energy within native feels anxious and impatient. Native is physically energetic never sits idle always restless and need constant activity to use energy level; it can create amazing athletes, sports person, bodybuilders, army men and policemen.

Mars is Bhumi karak and Rahu is the foreign element in Astrology, so this conjunction can take the native away from his birth place.

If Mars or Rahu is connected with Ascendant, or 10th house ( from their birth sign in the transit)  then it may give profession related to Research & development in technical field, engineering, study in space or aviation.

Negative side:

Since Rahu acts like Saturn and is an enemy of Mars, this aspect can be intense and difficult. It will promote outward courage but the vata/air element of Rahu may promote inner fear.

If Rahu controls the conjunction or this conjunction is aspected by malefic like Saturn then things can go pretty horrifying. The energy of mars is not controlled and it creates a havoc. Such people are extremely short tempered and violent. These people can be racist, terrorist, serial killer, anti-social element, one who loves destruction. These people can be suicidal also.

Further, this combination gives very high sexual desire and sexual energy too. Native is not very adaptable and finds it hard to be adaptable to the new environment and people around. This extremely aggressive nature and strong willed personality will stop at nothing to achieve its goal.

If Rahu Mars conjunction taking place in bad houses like 6th,8th or 12th house ( from your birth sign ) and dispositor is also afflicted then it can give many diseases and person can be prone to accident. 

But if this conjunction having further affliction then it may make a person gangster, smuggler etc.

Rahu Mars conjunction in certain bad Nakshatra can give tendency of suicide; specially in Ashlesha, Mula. This conjunction gives high blood pressure problem in life.

However, problem is that they get into action/fight without realizing their own strength as they have stubborn nature and this will get them into major trouble. People during such period, find it very hard to get adjusted in new atmosphere or new idealism.

At its darkest, it can lead to violence so expect the news to be filled with more craziness than normal

Rahu amplifies the qualities of other planet, if Mars is in good shape here then Rahu Mars Conjunction may prove very good combination for the native as he will be highly action oriented and will put his more than 100% to achieve the significance of the house where this combination occurs.

On a personal Level:
Individuals should slow down, rest more. The adrenals will be firing and if you run around too much you will feel exhausted. Still the energy will be there to accomplish a lot and move through huge boulders and projects so it will at least get you unstuck.

Since Rahu acts like Saturn and is an enemy of Mars, this aspect can be intense and difficult. It will promote outward courage but the vata/air element of Rahu may promote inner fear.

On Mundane Level:

This aspect may lead to more political craziness than usual as Mars is about leadership and power and Rahu may drive politicians out of control to make rash decisions.  Lets hope that N. Korea does not decided to flex its muscles after recent disappointments.

On a spiritual Level: Rahu/Mars can foster the courage to move through difficult spiritual challenges as is clear in the chart of Mahatma Gandhi, a great freedom fighter. On the darker side, John Dillon, the famous gangster or  Saddam Hussain, the famous political dictator had this energy.