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Bad married life

Anil Shrivastava 24th Aug 2019

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This Native was born on 19th feb .1982 at 23:30 in jaipur . She came to me to know the future of her married life in sep. 2014 when I analyse this horoscope I found it very bad fir married life so I predict that within a year you will get divorced and this marriage cannot be saved. She got married on 2nd april 2013 when mars- ketu-ketu period was going on. I analyse this period and found mars was not much positive but ketu was extremely positive for marriage. 7th cuspal sublord is Mars who is signifying 5,9 and 1,6,10 . It indicates that marriage will not be stable and divorce is very likely and exactly same thing happened , they start fighting with each other and get separated in Jan. 2015. This marriage came to an end in march 2016 when court allowed divorce. When I analyse this horoscope I found 1,6,10 combinations in majority of planet, This indicate a ruined married life and lot of problems in her life. If you see lagna chart you will find that jup. Is placed in ascendent and giving sight to seventh house , mars the lord of 7th giving sight to seventh and mars is conjoined with key planet sat. as ascendent is Libra and still marriage could not saved why? Because this is all on planetary level and to predict micro level is needed means star and cuspal sublord is important to decide the event. Astro Anil